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Kristin T.

Intimacy Advisor Writer and trusted relationship expert, Kristin shares sex positive, science- and health-based advice with the hope to help everyone enjoy sex & intimacy more.

Christopher J.

Sexologist & Relationship Guru “Constantly curious” freelance author & journalist who researches and writes about topics from sports to sexual well-being and everything in between.

Colleen G.

Lingerie & Pleasure Product Expert Marketing & events specialist and writer focusing on the latest in intimate fashion, sexual health, and the pleasure products industry.

Erica G.

Sex & Romance Coach Avid reader who loves to stay up-to-date and discuss the latest news about romance, intimacy, and sexual wellness.

Sarah TomTom

Pleasure Industry Consultant & Podcaster An advocate for cultivating personal power through pleasure exploration, she has developed & presented comprehensive, pleasure-based sex education programs nationwide since 2007.

Haley M.

Romance Specialist & Podcaster An experienced Romance Specialist in our stores turned Sexologist on the air, check Haley out in past editions of the Intimacy Advisor podcast.