10 Couple’s Toys for a Hotter At-Home Valentine’s Day

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Remember last Valentine’s Day, when we could all freely enjoy a fancy dinner on the town, end the night at a cocktail bar, and then swing past the grocery store to pick up some dessert? Yeah, it seems forever ago to us, too…

If you’ll be saving money this year by skipping outdoors & public activities anyway, you might as well spring for some new pleasure accessories instead!

We recommend these ten top-selling sex toys, sexy outfits, and sensual goodies because they will all help bring you closer together as a couple, and add a unique touch to your existing bedroom kit. Or if this is your first go at buying a sensual gift, you can get started on the right track to sex toy adoration.

Give these toys a try and it’ll be impossible not to have your best stay-at-home V-Day yet!

A Sleek and Subtle Panty Vibe

A sleek but powerful mini vibe that fits perfectly into your undies – like the CalExotics Remote Control Panty Pleaser – is an absolute must for couples. We think all couples (that like vibrators, anyway) need this versatile and inventive pleasure toy in their arsenal.

Sneak it into your undies while roaming the house and then hand the remote to your partner.  You probably won’t be able to stray far from them for long, as they drive you wild with surprise bursts of buzzy pleasure!

An Anyone-Goes Butt Plug

Who should be excited and able to wear a butt plug? Anyone with a butt who’s hankering for some booty play!  If you’ve been curious, this is a great opportunity to try something new!

Any butt plug works for any gender, really, so this small, matte black plug by NuSensuelle makes for an excellent b-hole pleaser, no matter who’s wearing it in your bedroom. (Just make sure to thoroughly clean it in-between uses if you’re sharing toys with a partner!)

A Vibe That’s as Flexible and Creative as You

If this isn’t your first cruise around the sex toy block, check out the Tryst V2 bendable massager by Doc Johnson. This vibe is funky and imaginative, though you don’t have to be a creative genius to enjoy its versatility and flexible shape.

Put your minds together and see what magic you can create by playing together with this unique couple’s toy.  Good vibes only!

A French Maid Costume (Because You’re Stuck Cleaning the House Anyway)

Quarantine has turned us all into multi-tasking super heroes (even if we’re super tired). You might as well dress the part and put some surprise sex appeal into your daily chores with some kinky maid lingerie.

There are enough maid, nurse, and schoolgirl outfits to fit every stay-at-home role and fantasy, so don’t hesitate to have some fun while teasing your partner with a sexier version of today’s to-do list.

A Double-Trouble Vibrator

Well-designed dual-sided vibrators are hard to come by (pun totally intended, by the way), but we think the Coupled Love Double Sided Dildo by Evolved is actually worth your dollars.

Whether your pairing comes with two vulvas, two penises, or one of each (or more! Even merrier, right?), we’re sure you’ll figure out some wild new ways to enjoy vibration and penetration together.

A Classic Sex Toy with a Twist

You’ve probably seen sex toys that are pretty similar to the silicone, remote controlled CalExotics Venus Butterfly, but might have passed them off as too old-school or tacky-looking. However, if we know the CalExotics brand, we know they’ve updated this classic toy and turned it into a modern favorite.

Why do we say this classic comes ‘with a twist?’ Nestle the butterfly against your parts (it’s made to target your g-spot perfectly!), pass the remote to a partner, and play a little game of ‘Try Not to Climax.’ We think you’ll (hopefully!) lose. 😉

A Couples’ Kit That’s 100% Romance

You’ve got all the time in the world during this quarantined V-Day. Un-box the gorgeously romantic Rejuvenated Carnal Pleasures Collection by Shunga and slow down your foreplay game to a sensuous crawl.  

You might just discover some erogenous zones you didn’t even know existed!  It feels good to reconnect!

A Sensible Stroker

The men’s sex-tech market is full of complex toys equipped with AI capabilities, and we’re all for it. But before you dive into the deep end of dick toys, take a basic stroker for a trial run, like the Firefly Yoni Glow In The Dark Stroker by NS Novelties.

This glow-in-the-dark stroker is pleasurable for one and super fun for two. Use it in conjunction with an old-fashioned hand job or for a luxury BJ.

A Cozy C-Ring for All Sizes

If hard, metal cock rings are a little too on the, uh, hard side for you or your partner’s penis, the Air Flow Cock Ring is just the soft, squeezable accessory you need. This c-ring’s air flow holes allow for even more stretch than your average, stretchy silicone ring while still offering light constriction for a firmer erection.

A (Reasonably Sized) Sex Machine

Seeking a sex machine that won’t wake the neighbors in the middle of the night (or day)?

The Thrust And Go Interchangeable Thrusting Vibrator will – to put nicely – screw you silly while putting on an arousing show for a voyeuristic partner. The Thrust and Go’s size makes it portable, easy to play with, and – best of all – it’s much quieter than your average sex machine.

Even if this year’s Valentine’s Day has to look a little different than usual, with a little planning and a lot of passion, you and your sweetie can still have a romantic rendezvous for two that you’ll be talking about for years to come!

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