2019 Sex Resolutions

2019 Sex Resolutions
POSTED ON January 4, 2019

2019 is your year! Here are our top 7 sexual resolutions so you can get the most of your intimate encounters and be truly satisfied in whatever it is you do.

1 Don't fake orgasms

A lot of people, men and women, fake orgasms to make their partner feel better or to get the sex over with, but this isn't helpful in the long run. If you have to fake an orgasm for your partner to feel good about themselves, then they aren't achieving what they want to do and you probably aren't getting the most out of the situation. While orgasms aren't the end all be all, they, without a doubt, are a major part of the pleasure. Communicate with your partner that you're not actually orgasming and while their ego might take a hit they can grow and develop their skills to make sure you reaching orgasm whenever you want.

If you're faking an orgasm to get the sex over with, then it's time to take a step back. Do you feel uncomfortable when you're having sex? Is it physical or mental? If it's physical, then that's something to talk about with your partner. Maybe it's really difficult for you to orgasm but you don't want to confess that to your partner. If that's the case you may want to consider adding toys like the Tease & Please into the bedroom. If it's mental, then you should figure out the root of the problem. Are you afraid they might criticize you? Do you think you're not attractive enough? Once you know the root of the problem, that's when you can start solving it.

2 Love yourself, internally & externally

You are an amazing person, and whether you believe it or not, that's the truth. Now since you're an amazing person, it's time you be treated by one, and most often the number one person who mistreats you is you. Now this doesn't mean gorging on junk food and sleeping the day away, because that'll just make you feel worse. Treat yourself in a healthy way, when was the last time you took yourself out on a date? Have you ever even done that? When was the last time you pleasured yourself? Masturbation is totally normal, natural, and healthy. If you have a penis, the Pdx Elite Ez Grip Stroker is a great treat to yourself. For all you ladies, there's a plethora of toys to dive into. Have you ever tried clitoral or g-spot stimulation? Miss Bi can give you both 😉

3 Branch out to discover new titillating pleasure

You will never figure out what you really like unless you try a wide variety of different toys, positions, fantasies, etc. The Beaded Double Penetrator Rabbit provides a little bit of everything for all of your dirty desires. But maybe you're a guy who has never used a stroker and wants to test the waters. The Bonnie Rotten Stroker Set is a good place to start as it gives you three different basic strokers: a mouth, a vagina, and an anus.

Maybe you and your partner just want another sex position to get out of the rut and back into the hot sweaty sex of your dreams. If that's the case, then try out the Pretzel. She lies on her side, while he gets on his knees and has her body between his legs. Move her top leg so that it's no longer under him. He then sits back on his legs and slightly spreads apart his knees making it easy for him to enter her. Both of your hands are free for whatever either of you want to and you can maintain eye for an extra spark of excitement.

There's also the taboo desire of having a threesome. If you've ever been interested or maybe you're just open to it, try out the Double Dip. One woman lies on her back while another climbs on top of her so they're face to face. A guy gets on his knees and enters the one on top like doggy style. You can change it up from there so no one misses out on the spine tingling sensations, but this is a good starting place. You can introduce toys, ropes, hand cuffs, and strap-ons to make it even more erotic.

4 Fantasize about what you want

Your mind is a very powerful tool. Fantasizing about what your favorite love making session would be from start to finish is likely to not only turn you on and increase your sex drive, but help you figure out more of what you like. If you don't like thinking about BDSM and everything about it, chances are you probably won't like it, but then again, you might, never knock it till you try it. Maybe you figure out that you want to try using toys during sex like a good bullet or wand. Plan out every step of it, from the foreplay to the main event and the after party. How long is the foreplay going to be? Will there be role play or just teasing each other? Will there be oral? Will there be anal? Will there be penetration at all? Will they tie you up or will you tie them up? Maybe both of you are restrained. Will you cuddle afterward (I highly recommend this one)? Will it be rough with hair pulling, spanking, gagging, and wax play or soft and intimate with tons of kisses and hands all over each other ending in a long cuddling session? Time to decide.

5 Have the sex of your dreams

Now that you've thought about it, do it! Of course, you have to make sure your partner is ok with it, because consent is everything, but if your partner agrees to whatever it may be, go at it! You will be awestruck with how amazing it was, especially after you get really good it.

6 Talk about it

To have better sex, it's absolutely vital to talk about it. Talk about your feelings, desires, what positions you're doing, what positions you'd like to do, what positions you don't like. Talk about what turns you on and what turns you off. Tell them your fantasies, even the really dark ones (if you have any, not everyone does and that's ok). If you never talk about it then there's zero possibility for growth and the sex will never get better. However, when you do talk about it, you open yourself up to that growth and the potential for far steamier wild and crazy sex. So what's it going to be: a bland routine or the best sex of your life?

7 Stop being your own worst critic

Don't be so tough on yourself. It's ok to not be the best between the sheets, you don't have to do everything or anything that porn actors and actresses do. If you want try it out, that's different, but don't feel like you have to act like a porn star to please your partner, because you don't. Sex is meant to be a fun uplifting experience whether it's shared with a partner or indulged with yourself. Focus on your good qualities instead of all the things you don't like about yourself. Sometimes all you need is an outfit that's just right and you feel good in it like the 2pc Lace Studded Boyshorts & Top or maybe the Flyaway Babydoll Teddy. The right lingerie can change everything.



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