Acc-sex-orize Your Halloween Hotness

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Spooky season is here! If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, you probably know that it’s never too early to start planning your costume! If a Halloween party or two (or five) are in your future, it’s time to figure out what you want to be! But how do you avoid that “Same Costume Syndrome” that tends to happen when everyone buys their boring bagged costumes from the same pop-up Halloween place? Upgrade your costume creatively with amazing accessories from Lover’s Lane! You’ll create a one-of-a-kind, sexy costume that will turn plenty of heads…without you losing yours!  *axe murderer sound effects*

The Devil is in the Details

The embodiment of evil has been a Halloween costume trope for a lot longer than most people have been alive, so how do you keep it fresh? Dress up your devilish diva dress with some special sparkly, shiny, or swirly horns to set yourself apart from the crowd! Or, try a totally different style of devil duds. You’ll be comfy as hell in the Devil Cropped Hoodie (pictured) or the Hell Yeah Devil Poncho. More of a dominatrix devil? The Heavy Metal Devil costume plus a ruby red wig is right up your alley; don’t forget to add a snappy crop for striking fear in the hearts (or…other places?) of your admirers. Red not your color? Go as the other mistress of maleficence with this Glitter Flame Cape and Horn Headpiece.  Besides, how else can you say you’re dressed as ‘horny’ for Halloween?

From “Meow” to “WOW!”

Sure, the ubiquitous cat costume has been a thing for ages, but don’t let that stop you from being one! Make it your own meow-sterpiece (sorry!) by playing with the possibilities. Start off with an in-vogue and On Point Sexy black cat costume (pictured). Make it more realistic with a rhinestone choker (or a real collar with leash…pulls double duty in the bedroom if you’re willing to be tamed). Dress it up with some sexy thigh-highs, and finalize your flirty feline ‘fit with some sparkly face jewels. Or, be a pretty kitty in pink, a Feisty Leopard, or turn any slinky outfit into a Neon Leopard costume with this kit. If you need to make your disguise a little darker, add a whisker mask or vegan leather cat mask. With these costume upgrades, you’re sure to look purr-fect at your party. Shop soon, though, or the cat burglars will get all the goo.

Maid Just for You

The Flirty Maid has been a staple of boudoir fantasies & fetishes forever, but there’s no reason it can’t pull double duty as a sexy and seductive Halloween costume (the one pictured comes with all those adorable accessories)! Make your chosen French frock extra frilly by adding a lacy petticoat underneath. A feather duster is fine, but a pleasure feather accessory will take you from dusty days to steamy nights in the bedroom. Doll up your legs with some matching maid-style fishnets or adorable thigh-highs with bows. Top it all off with a flirty French bob in blonde or black, and you’ll for sure need to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign when you get back to your room.

Doctor (or Nurse) it Up

We should be saluting our healthcare heroes this year, so what better way to pay homage than with the classic “sexy nurse” costume?  Start with a seductive Nurse Dress or Bodysuit (how cute would this one be with a tutu!?), then make this tried & true look even sexier, STAT!  Replace your boring nurse accessories with the flashy LED Nurse Kit.  Go from sensuous to sinister by adding the dark & edgy medical respirator accessory (sorry, it’s not real Covid-safe PPE) or splashing fake blood on a lab coat to make it look like things did NOT go well.  Want to take things even more to the horror hospital? Go for a dark & dominant nurse costume like the Stitched-Up Nurse or Nurse Naughty. She might have to give you a spanking if you refuse to take your medicine!  

Sexy Spooky Skeletons

Nothing says spooky season like skeletons! Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or Dia de los Muertos or both, a beautiful spiffed-up skeleton costume has you (un)covered! Ditch the generic costumes in favor of a more babe-a-licious boney ensemble. Glam it up in gold with the 2 pc. Golden Skeleton costume, and top it off with the sparkling gold Sugar Skull Face Jewels. Speaking of sugar skulls, get your Day of the Dead on in spooky & romantic style with Rosas Day of the Dead which includes the jumpsuit, dress, and headpiece. Or start simple with a Floral Skeleton Catsuit, and snazz it up yourself with a colorful flowing wig and Sugar Skull Mask. You can even do your own painted face makeup if you’re MUCH more artistic than I am! Keeping it simple but still spooky and very sexy is still an option with the Scantily Skeletal Body Suit as a barely-there base that’s suitable for the bedroom, too. Wear this sparkly (but still scary) Skull Face Mask, or the glittering Skeleton Face Jewels, and you’ll have a complete look that will have everyone around you going to pieces.      

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