Adults Need Toys, Too!

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


‘Tis the season…for TOYS!  If you have children in your life in any capacity, you’ve probably seen the miles-long wish lists or the circled pictures in newspaper ads & catalogs.  Toys make Christmas magical, that’s for sure…but why should all that fun be had only by the kids?!?  Adults need toys, too!  When you’re stuffing those stockings, don’t forget to treat yourself or your lover to something special this year.  Here’s a look at some of the nicest toys for the naughtiest grown-ups on your list…and a quick description of some of the major categories, in case bedroom toys are new to you…all discussed as part of this imaginary “Adult Bop-It” game shown below (because our graphics team is hilarious & amazing)!  Learn how toys of all types can spice up your sex life and jingle your bells!  Gift one of these this year, and we’ll guarantee you a magical Christmas and lots of not-so-silent nights!  

Flick It!: Clitoral Toys

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body.  It has almost as many nerve endings as a penis, packed into a much smaller space, so it’s no surprise that it feels GOOD to stimulate it…sometimes clitoral stimulation is the only way a woman can truly reach orgasm.  Fingers and tongues are fine and dandy for creating that flicking sensation, but clitoral toys can help! Clit vibes like the LeWand Chrome Deux (shown on the Bop-It game) and the Lay On Rabbit Vibrator deliver powerful vibrations on and around the clitoris (or nipples, or anywhere else you choose to use it!).  If you prefer the suck & blow sensations of oral sex on your clitoris, you’ll sing the praises of the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Womanizer Premium.  And if you’re looking for the utmost in clitoral pleasure, look no further than the Baci Stimulator from Lora DiCarlo (pictured left), which uses micro-robotics and a full-coverage design to recreate the rhythmic thrumming of a great round of oral sex, or the Sona 2 Cruise, which uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just the parts you can see!    

Plug It!:  Butt Plugs

This is probably one of the more controversial categories of toys, as many people simply think they’re “not for them”…but anal toys, especially the good old classic butt plug, are for everyone!  Butt plugs can provide a unique feeling of fullness that heightens all other sensations during sex, and they can be worn to build anticipation for sex (you’ll wanna show off that beauty in your booty!), gradually prepare for anal sex, or provide direct vibrating stimulation and pleasure to an area that doesn’t get much attention.  If you’re brand new to butt stuff, try a training kit to start, like the B-Vibe Anal Training Set, which comes with everything you need to get started and a handy guide.  A little more experienced?  Try out the intense vibrations of the Elegance Heating Anal Plug (pictured on Bop-It game), or venture into wearables that use body-safe silicone and a rattling ball bearing inside to provide an indescribable unique sensation, like the Vibra Slimplug (pictured right) or the Sono No. 89 Self Motion Butt Plug.    

F*ck It!:  Dildos & Dongs

The function of dildos & dongs as bedroom toys is pretty obvious and straightforward, but you can get fancy and creative with them, too.  Simply put, they are for penetration…whether vaginally or anally…and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures, and looks to serve your needs.  Some vibrate, though most do not, and many have suction cup bases for solo play and bath or shower use, like the Ruse Magic Stick (shown on the Bop-It game).  If you’re looking for partnered fun with dildos, try the Double Take double penetration harness, or any other toy with a base to make it harness compatible, for some strap-on fun.  Realistic dildos are a popular favorite, too, for people to live out their favorite fantasies and experiment with new limits and likes when it comes to size.  Happy f*cking!  

Rub It!:  Wand Toys

There is probably nothing more iconic in the world of sex toys than a classic wand toy.  Often branded “personal massagers” so they can be sold in non-adult-specialty stores, they truly CAN be used to massage achy parts of your body just as nicely as they can be used to make your genitals feel really good.  The versatility and sheer POWER of these wands is why I think everyone should own one.  The Hitachi Magic Wand is the OG, of course, and other plug-in wands like the LeWand Plug-In Vibrating massager deliver just as much power in a beautiful package.  Or, free yourself from the need for a wall plug with the LeWand Rechargeable Massager (pictured on Bop-It game) or the even more portable Never Lonely Rechargeable Wand.  If you’re looking for a wand with more than one way to use it, look no further than the Body Wand Luxe, which has a perfectly curved G-spot stimulator on the tail end (pictured right), or the Wand by We-Vibe which comes with fun attachments and endless possibilities.  Browse the selection of wand toys on, or at a Lover’s Lane store near you, and you’re sure to find one to rub you the right way.  

Christmas is coming up fast…are you ready?  If you want to give your lover the gift of pleasure this year but aren’t sure what kind of toy to start with, you can’t go wrong with gift sets!  A fun & flirty kit like the Switch by Shots 4 (pictured left) comes with a base and interchangeable heads to make it a great focused clitoral wand or classic vibe, plus a blindfold and feather tickler for tantalizing and teasing your lover while they enjoy.  Our Love Kits from fan favorite Shunga, such as the Rejuvenated Carnal Pleasures set, also make a great gift, and come with everything you need for a sensual & sexy weekend in bed, packaged beautifully and with lots of fun extras. Happy gifting, Lovers!  

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