Ambiance’s Giant Wall of Toys Will Keep You Climbing!

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


One of the best ways to experience self-love is by employing what has become a substantial amount of options for sex toys of all purposes, shapes and sizes. They range from high-touch plastic to glass, which has a beautiful, artful look, can be heated or cooled, and is easy to clean. Today, thanks to technological innovations, adult toys come with a wide range of control options, including remote control, so you can elevate a partner’s spirits whether you’re across the room or across the country via your cell phone. Yes, Virginia, the boundaries of Toyland now far exceed your mother’s massager! However, you first have to determine what you want to try or more specifically, what you want to stimulate. Doesn’t have to be strictly vaginal, clitoral or anal, either. The important thing about masturbation is that it’s a great way to discover what you like, what turns you on, what feels good, and what you want to experience. One of the biggest challenges these days is standing there facing a huge wall of toys in our store or surfing through page after page of a sizable and diverse line of toys online can be intimidating. So, again, the best starting point is deciding which body part you want to stimulate. Each Ambiance store has sample toys for customers to handle (which are thoroughly cleaned after any customer or Romance Consultant touches them). We recommend that you come to the store and hold them, see how they feel, learn how they work. If a toy vibrates, we suggest trying it on the tip of your nose, which is not the same as how it will feel further south, but much more sensitive than your hands or arm, for example. For women, we suggest trying vibrators that have different vibration patterns and speeds for variety. More power is always a plus, too, so that you can progress to added thump when you want it. Most toys today are waterproof, too, so feel free to enjoy them in the bath or shower. Adult toys have been getting a lot more attention these days from celebrity promoters like Gwenyth Paltrow to television programs such as Sex and the City or the more current Emily in Paris. However, they’ve been actively contributing to human sexual ecstasy for an estimated 28,000 years, long before you could plug them in or recharge their batteries. While not always the most cleanly of objects, phallic objects made from stone, wood, leather and even camel dung have all been found during excavations, or referenced in historical text and images for multiple millennia. Fortunately for us, 21st century technology has advanced to the one of the greatest innovations in sex toys yet: air pulsing vibrators that fit over the genital areas and stimulate a clitoris or the sheath of a penis with pulsing air waves that give new meaning to the term “blowjob.” A few simple toy use recommendations to remember:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Wash your toys or cover them with condoms to ensure cleanliness when penetrating orifices.
  • Apply lubricant for any penetration.
  • Don’t do anything that hurts or is harmful.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about masturbation or let them watch.

We are certain of one other thing: When you find yourself riding out a global pandemic at home alone, it’s nice to know that you can always find a faithful toyfriend to ride it out with you. Roll on, Big O!