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1. How do I get my wife to do sexy role play about a real estate lady showing a house? – Kevin

First, start off by talking with her about the fact that you’re interested in role play. We love to recommend role playing to couples – especially those in long-term, monogamous relationships – because it’s a relatively easy way to bring something new to your relationship. Once you’ve brought up the concept, ask her what kinds of roles would turn HER on to explore.

Together, you should talk about what you would both get out of this experience. If your wife is GGG – find out what that means if you don’t know – then she will be happy to try something new for you, even if it’s not something that she herself has previously been interested in. But if, for whatever reason, she continues to be against exploring this type of role play situation, it might have to remain simply a fantasy. But before you go despairing, you have to talk to her first. Simply take a deep breath and always be respectful of her wishes and concerns. The ball is in her court, but you’re going to have to be the one who puts it there.

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2. What is the best dildo to use with strap-on for anal stimulation? – Ashley

Two major things to consider when choosing a
dildo to use with a strap-on for anal stimulation – an act also known as pegging – are the material and shape of the toy. You have to be particularly careful when it comes to anal penetration, especially if you’re a newcomer, so keep it simple and soft – but also firmly flexible – with toys made out of silicone. Phallic dildos are the prime choice for use with a strap-on; a flared base is a good sign, as that makes the toy easier to support with a harness. We’re fans of the Goddess Premium Silicone Vibrator from Tantus. It might not technically be a dildo, but remove the bullet vibrator and it becomes one! This toy is also harness-compatible, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s eco-friendly, too.

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3. My problem is the OPPOSITE of the P.E. [premature ejaculation] male stereotype. How can I climax and ejaculate SOONER? – Larry

Our advice to you seems simple, but it might be difficult to employ. Nevertheless, it should help you reach climax sooner – once you’ve given yourself a break. That’s right – you should take a break from masturbation and indulging in erotic materials. Frequent masturbation reduces sensitivity, which can make it more difficult to climax sooner. Alternatively, you could also switch up your masturbatory style. Many men are aggressive with themselves, in a way that a woman’s body simply cannot replicate, which can make it harder to orgasm while you’re actually having sex. If this is your problem, we advise that you replace the normally tight squeeze or pump of your own hand with gentler, smoother moves. One last thought: avoid drinking alcohol beforehand, as that has been known to delay climax.

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When it comes to sex and romance, you are not alone if you need some advice every now and then! We hope we’ve been able to help with some of today’s specific quandaries and look forward to answering many more – ask right here or by clicking Ask Our Romance Specialist at the very top of the page. Remember, you can always stop by your local Lover’s Lane to chat with our in-store Romance Specialists in person, or discreetly browse our erotic lingerie, adult sex toys, and everything else in between online!

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