Ask A Romance Specialist: Sweetest Day Ideas & More

Ask A Romance Specialist: Sweetest Day Ideas & More
POSTED ON October 5, 2016

Another round of Ask A Romance Specialist has arrived! Sweetest Day is on the horizon, which means people are curious about what to do. Find out that and more; as always, you can click Ask Our Romance Specialist at the top of the page or right here to send us any of those sex- and romance-related questions you just can’t quite ask anyone else.

I never know what to get my boyfriend for Sweetest Day. I always get him practical things but this year I want to help make it a really fun day for the both of us. What can I get that is romantic but not typical? - Karla

You can go a few different ways with this one. A nice pair of
boxers is a great gift because it’s something he would almost never think to get himself. Pair that with the Ultimate Personal Shaver For Him, which is practical, but still brings to mind preparing for romance, with something that can be very fun for the two of you, like the unique new Eva Massager, a hands-free, strap-free couples vibe, or the Embrace Pleasure Ring, a stretchy, silicone c-ring that also happens to be 20% off this month with code EMBRACE20.

It’s up to you how to present this gift, but you might also treat yourself to some sexy lingerie – especially if you don’t wear it very often – and seduce your own boyfriend for Sweetest Day. Try the Utter Romance Dotted Mesh Beauty Bustier Set or the Stage Beauty Lace Halter Babydoll.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now. He turns me on, and I want to get more intimate with him, but I don't know how to talk to him about it. What should I do? Please help me! - Iris

The truth is that there’s no magic formula to help you open up to your boyfriend. You can only do that for yourself by sucking it up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Relationships are scary because they can give other people power over our emotions, but the flip side of that is the beauty of making a truly deep connection with another person. Take a deep breath. Have this conversation outside of the bedroom. You can even tell your boyfriend that you don’t know exactly how to talk about this, but wanted to share it with him. This is something you can both grow and learn from together. Another way you can approach this is to find a book about something that interests you – as broad as
The Little Book of Sex Secrets or as specific as The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women – and use that as a way to “tell” your partner what’s on your mind. For another take on how to learn to communicate your sexual needs and desires, you can also check out the book Getting the Sex You Want, written by a certified therapist who walks you through communication techniques.

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So I'm a guy and I've been wanting to experiment with my sexuality a little bit. I don't want to just jump on in and meet someone and asking questions about it in public can be more than awkward. I guess I'm asking, what would be a good place to start for a very curious beginner? - Horace

In this situation, the Internet is your very best friend. As you yourself acknowledge, you don’t want to just dive in headfirst and start meeting people. This is good for your physical safety as well as mentally and emotionally. So many forums online are dedicated to exactly what you’re interested in exploring; search around the Internet and find a space where you can feel comfortable, especially considering you won’t have to actually face anyone – yet. You should also check out GLAAD’s
LGBT resource list for some more specific types of places to turn.

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Sex and romance are some of life’s most important things, which is why we want to help you have the best experiences you can. If something is bugging you but you don’t know who to ask, you can always try our Romance Specialist by clicking right here or at the very top of the page.

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