Ask A Romance Specialist: Pumps & C-Rings, Anal Lube, & More

Ask A Romance Specialist: Pumps & C-Rings, Anal Lube, & More
POSTED ON March 22, 2018

Another edition of Ask A Romance Specialist is here, just in time for Spring flowers to bloom! Our curious fans have some unique questions this month – keep reading to find out our answers! As always, click Ask Our Romance Specialist at the top of the page or right here to send us a question yourself.

I have recently purchased a penis pump. Am I supposed to place the cock ring on first? New to this. —Kevin

The quick answer to your question is yes. Another one is there are no rules! So, keeping both answers in mind, we recommend that beginners place a cock ring on before pumping. Then you are able to pump up to your desired size, remove the pump from your penis, and maintain the increased size longer with assistance from the cock ring. There is nothing wrong with putting on a cock ring after pumping, but it will have to be stretchy enough to go over your enlarged, erect penis.


I see all different kinds of lube and I know the difference between oil, silicone and water based but can you use anal lube for vaginal sex since it seems to be the slickest? –Sheila

Yes you certainly may! In fact, many lubricant companies produce a thicker version of their standard waterbased lube that they call their anal formula. The extra thickness allows the lube to stick to the anal walls better without running all over the place, making a mess. This means that it’s fine for vaginal use.  Wicked Personal Care sells their Anal Lube as Toy Love as well, since the thicker texture sticks to your toys better too! On the other hand, other lubricant companies prefer a thinner consistency for their anal lubes so that it easily coats the anal canal.

That being said, there are some formulas that include extra ingredients to relax (or numb, which we don’t recommend!) the anus. These are unnecessary for most women for vaginal penetration, and the Intimacy Advisor doesn’t recommend that you use these vaginally.

What sex toys would you recommend for a woman who achieves orgasm though clitoral stimulation, but is not very into vibration toys? –Andrea

Lucky for you, Andrea! There are many new non-vibrating options for women’s pleasure – and some classics, too! The classic, non-vibrating clit toy is the Eroscillator. The secret to the Eroscillator is that it oscillates rather than vibrates, producing an intense sensation that is more stimulating to the clitoris than even vibration, but yet never causes numbness.

Womanizer is another new line of toys to try! This quiet, easy-to-use adult toy features clitoral suction and stimulation through impulses. Available in a variety of color finishes, as well as a travel size, lipstick-shape version!

The Satisfyer is another non-vibrating clitoral toy that satisfies with pressure wave stimulation. With eleven programs, the high-tech stimulator offers contact-free enjoyment, which can be experienced everywhere and anywhere thanks to the rechargeable batteries.

There are also many clitoral pumps that feature clitoral suction, most of which can be used with or without vibrations. CalExotics makes a rechargeable silicone Clitoral Pump that includes suction and vibration settings and it’s fully waterproof!

We want you and your partner to have super-hot sex that fulfills your needs and strengthens your intimacy! If you need some help getting there, you know who to ask: our Romance Specialist by clicking right here or at the top of the page.

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