Benefits of Swallowing: Make Oral Hotter & Healthier

Benefits of Swallowing: Make Oral Hotter & Healthier
POSTED ON September 19, 2017

The benefits of swallowing to bring oral to its sexiest end may be more than you realized. Swallowing is not for everyone, and no one should ever do something that makes them totally uncomfortable solely to make their partner happy. But for those with a curiosity or desire to move past their disinterest or dislike, keep reading to learn why you might want to give swallowing his seed a try – it’s for your health!

1. Benefits of swallowing: It can help you fall asleep.

Who hasn’t indulged in some late-night love in the hopes that you might actually feel tired enough to fall asleep after? The trick, however, is in the semen itself: it contains melatonin! Melatonin induces sleep and relaxation and when you swallow it, it enters the bloodstream and increases your chances of finally dozing off. Admit it: this is much more fun than counting sheep!

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3. Benefits of swallowing: It can lower your blood pressure.

Last but decidedly not least, yet another health benefit to ingesting semen – specifically on a regular basis – can actually lower blood pressure, according to one study. This is even more important for pregnant women, as those who swallow the sperm of their mate have shown to be at much lower risk of preeclampsia (a complication during pregnancy that can lead to extremely elevated blood pressure). Who knew semen would come in handy during pregnancy, too?!

2. Benefits of swallowing: It’s loaded with vitamins.

We’re not suggesting that a mouthful of semen can replace your daily multi-vitamin, but it is true that one teaspoon holds over 200 proteins and numerous other vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and B12, zinc, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Naturally the amount of each will vary from man to man (the healthier he is, the healthier his semen will be), but regardless, most semen contains at the very least a significant amount of zinc (about 3% of the recommended daily allowance in the US). Zinc is an antioxidant that helps delay the effects of aging, so this is one benefit that is all too appreciable.

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We’ll say it again: swallowing post-oral is not for everyone, and that’s okay! But if it’s something that you do want to explore, learning the health benefits of swallowing is a great way to give the act an extra boost of scientific sexiness.

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