Best Anal Sex Tips: How to Relax & Enjoy It

Best Anal Sex Tips: How to Relax & Enjoy It
POSTED ON July 29, 2016

The best anal sex tips are designed to help couples reach the necessary level of comfort in order to have the most pleasurable anal sex experience possible. Anal sex, while becoming more and more popular culturally, is still relatively taboo – which means that nerves and anxiety can get in the way. Help yourself relax and get educated with the best anal sex tips from Lover’s Lane.

1. One of the easiest but best anal sex tips comes before you even get to the sex. Prepare for the act and check out the sensations by yourself when you’re masturbating by gently massaging the outer opening of your anus. If you enjoy how it feels, then anal sex is worth exploring further. You can always get extra help from noted sex experts in books like The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino.

2. By no means should you jump right into penetration. When it comes to anal sex, foreplay is more critical than ever. Anal sex toys are also a good way to “practice” before penetration with a penis. Some of our favorites include the Bootie Plug Set, the Perfect Plug Kit, and the Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug.

3. Lube is your best friend; you’ll want a thicker one because it doesn’t dry out as quickly. We like Adventure Anal from Intimate Earth because unlike other anal-specific lubes, this one doesn’t include unsafe numbing compounds that can accidentally lead to tearing of the skin. Instead, it’s made with a certified organic extract blend to help naturally relax the anal sphincter.

4. One of the most necessary of the best anal sex tips is to remember that relaxation is key – and not just mentally. First, relax by taking deep breaths. You can also help ease your body's relaxation with massage oils like the Relax Massage Oil or the Mini Massage Candle in Exotic Fruits. The more relaxed you are mentally, the easier it will be to relax physically. Then, you’ll need to relax the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles – kind of like an anal version of Kegels. The thing is that you’re probably going to feel like you’re about to poop when you do this – but you won’t.

5. Start things off very, very slowly. Once penetration has occurred, you should give it several minutes – up to 10, but more if you need to – of patient rocking back and forth before he moves onto deeper thrusting.

6. The best positions for anal sex beginners are from behind or on top. From behind is a favorite because turned in knees can help take some pressure off the anal sphincter, while on top is prime because it puts the receiver in control.

7. Crucial among the best anal sex tips is that you should always use a condom. But don’t EVER use the same condom if you’re going in-between vaginal and anal sex.

8. Keep some baby wipes on hand if there’s a little bit of a mess. The potential mess is one of – if not the biggest – reasons that turn people off, but if he can clean up quickly afterwards, that will help you both feel more comfortable. We like the Pjur Med Clean Wipes; keep them in your bedside drawer for easy access! 

9. Speaking of comfort, the giver should check in with the receiver throughout the entire process. Since the receiver is the one whose comfort is much more on the line, a respectful giver will consistently ask how their partner is feeling. As the receiver, you must be honest – if you’re uncomfortable or not enjoying the process, you have to speak up. There’s no rush – you can always come back to try it again another time!

10. In addition to relaxing the muscles around the anus, it’s also important – but can be easily forgotten – to take care of the skin around the area. Imagine that it’s winter time, and your lips are dry and cracked. The same thing can happen around the anus, so avoid that dilemma by applying coconut oil or your lotion of choice after the act, when you’ve washed up.

For couples who want to explore new sensations together, the best anal sex tips are sure to be a source of seriously sexy experimentation. As with all unconventional sex acts and fetishes, the key to a comfortable, enjoyable experience is communication. Keep those lines open between yourself and your partner – and the hottest anal sex is sure to be yours!