Best Foreplay Tips for Him: It’s His Turn!

Best Foreplay Tips for Him: It’s His Turn!
POSTED ON June 7, 2017

Ladies, you’re not the only ones who enjoy a little pre-show before sex. While you may have heard the rumor that men don’t appreciate some good, old-fashioned foreplay, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Foreplay is not only fun for women, but men love the build-up, as well. Take it from us, and read on to learn the best foreplay tips for him that set the tone for your man inside – and outside – the bedroom.

Send him sexy texts

What better way to prepare for a night of fun than to start the foreplay early? Sending him flirty, playful texts or even going a bit more graphic will definitely get the message across. Not only will he get the hint that you’re ready to get down to business once he’s home, but it’ll surely spice up his work day. His boss might not like how distracted he seems, but you’ll definitely be reaping the benefits once he comes rushing home.

Get touchy in public

No, we’re not talking about awkward elbow pokes or bump-ins with each other. Try something a bit more sexual. While running errands or shopping around, “accidentally” graze his arms with your breasts, grab his hands and trace them along your curves, trace your fingers up and down his body, or even press him up against a wall while perusing down an aisle. It won’t take much for him to realize what’s going on, and once he does, you’ll for sure be making quick movements towards the exit. For even more secret public delight, you might try the Secrets Side-Tie Remote Vibrating Panty, also available in plus sizes, where he can turn on the fun for you – and him – any time he wants!

Put on something sexy

Of course, there’s nothing better than seeing your partner dressed up (or down, we should say) in a sexy lingerie set. It’s a clear sign you want to spice things up for your man, or maybe you just want to try something a bit kinkier. Whatever your reason, sexy lingerie is a win-win when it comes to the best foreplay tips for him. You’ll feel extra hot and he’ll definitely let you know what he thinks of you in it, too. Some of our favorite lingerie includes the Vintage Romance Babydoll, also available in plus sizes, and the No Limit Lace-Up Side Chemise. Only downside to some sexy lingerie… it might not stay on for long!

Use your breath

Sometimes the best foreplay tips for him are effortlessly simple. Imagine how much you like having your neck kissed, followed by heavy breaths…he loves it just as much. Start by kissing his lips, or even nibbling on his ear, then slowly move down his neck. Once there, take your time kissing him, maybe even biting a little bit, and then licking from the base of his neck to his chin. Here’s the best part: moaning into his neck with your hot breath will send him over the edge. Combine this technique with a sensuous massage – and edible massage oil like Wicked Aqua Lubricant in Candy Apple – and he’ll never want the foreplay to end.

Be dominant

We’ve all seen Fifty Shades of Grey, but some would argue it’s even hotter when you take charge, ladies. Getting rough with your man or simply getting on top while making out or grinding into each other will surely get his engines revving. Seeing you take charge will not only excite him, but it’ll make you feel even sexier. Plus, if you’re usually one to let your guy take over during foreplay and sex, switching it up will definitely spice things up for you two. Let him know who’s boss this time. We guarantee he won’t mind!

To up the ante, try the Kinky Fuckery Bondage & Play Kit or the No Bounds Signature Riding Crop. Really, now’s the time to try anything from our Fifty Shades of Grey collection, as with any purchase of a Fifty Shades of Grey item, you will receive a FREE Secret Weapon Vibrating C-Ring!

When the two of you need something a little extra to get into the mood, foreplay is your go-to. It’s not always about what feels good to the ladies, though. Keep these best foreplay tips for him in mind the next time you want to show a little extra appreciation for your man and to start the night off right. As always, find everything you need to spice up foreplay for him or her discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!