Brand Spotlight: Let’s Get Bootylicious with b-Vibe!

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


What’s in your butt these days? If it isn’t an anal toy from booty-centric brand b-Vibe, you’re missing out on the best in butt-gasmic bedroom play!

It’s hard not to crack wise (yep, here we go again with the butt puns) when discussing the b-Vibe toy collection. This fun, gender-neutral and light-hearted brand aims to take all the discomfort and seriousness out of gettin’ busy with your bum (except when they’re talking anal play safety and proper lubrication, of course).

No matter your level of anal expertise or experience, there’s a b-Vibe toy to please your b-hole just the way you like it. Join Lover’s Lane & The Intimacy Advisor as we explore a handful of b-Vibe’s greatest hits, for beginners through advanced anal aficionados.

B-Vibe Anal Training 7-Piece Set

If you really are – and I mean really and truly – a total beginner to this whole anal thing, b-Vibe’s got your hook-up.

The b-Vibe Anal Training Kit has all you need to go from never-been bum rushed to ‘okay, maybe this isn’t so bad’ to ‘wow, why didn’t I try this before!”

B-Vibe includes 3 of their signature, totally anal-safe, anal-T toy designs. There’s a small, silicone plug for first-timers, a medium vibrating plug to add extra stimulation, and a large weighted butt plug for an unmatched feeling of fullness.

A reusable anal enema is included for those who’d like to wash up with a little warm water prior to play. After cleaning, use the included lube shooter to gently squirt your choice of water-based lubricant inside your anal cavity and apply a dollop around the external sphincter. 

If you’re still feeling confused on where to begin, the Anal Training Kit’s Complete Guide to Anal Play can set you on the right track. When you’re all done, store the toys in the included zipper travel bag or charge up the vibrating plugs with the USB cord.

B-Vibe Bump, Twist and Swirl Textured Plugs

Maybe you’re already well-acquainted with your ass, in which case we’d like to recommend some textured play things.

The b-Vibe Bump Textured Plug, b-Vibe Twist Textured Plug and b-Vibe Swirl Textured Plug are a trio of similarly designed, anal-T style plugs with different textures to tease your insides.

All 3 toys feature one-touch vibration with 6 unique settings. The Twist is the largest of the set, followed by the medium-sized Twist and finally, the smallest, Bump. All are rechargeable and include a little booklet on safe anal play with textured toys.

B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Get a taste of the OG b-Vibe toy that made this brand sex-ed famous!

The b-Vibe Rimming Petite Butt Plug was one of b-Vibe’s debut products, and fans of anal play went absolutely wild when it hit retail shelves.

On the outside, the b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite looks no different to any other, rather ordinary butt plug. The secret lies inside the Rimming Plug Petite’s silicone-coated neck: rows of spinning beads that stimulate the outermost anal sphincter, more commonly known as the butt hole.

The Rimming Plug Petite also houses a motor in it’s rounded head featuring 6 delightful vibration patterns. But(t) oh, those rimming beads! Don’t take our word for it. Every sex toy blogger and consumer reviewer on the planet has already praised the almighty Rimming Plug.

If you’re really into anal adventures, b-Vibe also makes a much larger version, the b-Vibe Rimming XL Butt Plug.

B-Vibe Snug & Tug Plugs

Always up for innovation, b-Vibe’s latest product launch adds a totally new twist on dual stimulation.

The b-Vibe Snug & Tug Plug combines a silicone cock ring with an attached, weighted butt plug. Pop the stretchy ring over an erect penis and the plug into a well-lubed anus, and the wearer feels a pleasant tug with every solo stroke during masturbation or coupled thrust during intercourse.

For novice snug and tug play, the Vibrating Snug And Tug Medium offers the same dual-stim design with a smaller plug and the addition of 10 vibration settings.

No matter how you like to tease and please your booty, b-Vibe has something to fulfill your every desire. If the thought of trying butt stuff still makes you squeamish, get some anal education from their wonderful website, Anal Academy, full of comprehensive guides and informative videos. Besides, what better way is there to wish b-Vibe a happy 5th anniversary than by procuring a new posterior pleasure device? Have fun celebrating YOUR booty with b-Vibe!  

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