Brand Spotlight: Bring More Power to your Play with Femme Funn

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Sometimes the basics are all you need, whether in the bedroom with a partner or playing solo.

Vibrator brand Femme Funn knows exactly how to spice up traditional sex toy designs, like bullet vibes and dual-stimulators, with luxurious silicone exteriors and ultra strength, high-tech motors.

Pleasure product beginners will be spoiled by the decadence of their first buzzy plaything, and hard-to-impress aficionados will be surprised that a fairly simplistic sex toy could provide so much for a pretty darn reasonable price.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Femme Funn products that cover all your basic bases. Even if you’ve already got some of these sex toy staples in your collection, a Femme Funn vibrator brings something brand new to every adored product category.

Rechargeable Silicone Ultra Bullet

It’s the Femme Funn sex toy that almost started a revolution. The Rechargeable Silicone Ultra Bullet has received rave reviews from the industry’s most popular sex toy bloggers, so you know it’s got to be amazing!

For just over fifty bucks, you get soft, flexible and easy-to-grip silicone – a rarity in bullet-style toys – and – get this! – twenty vibration modes. We hear from the sex toy bloggers that Femme Funn’s Silicone Ultra Bullet is hella strong, too, so this little wonder doesn’t skimp where it really counts.

It’s even fully submersible and USB rechargeable. Is there anything this mini vibe can’t do? Nope! You can even pop it into the front of a strap-on for shared pleasure, or hold it effortlessly against your clitoris during partner sex.

Essenza Dual Stim Vibrator

In true Femme Funn style, the Essenza Dual Stim Vibrator is a rabbit-style sex toy that pretty much does it all.

This baby thrusts and vibrates with a thick, bulbous clitoral stimulator that covers plenty of ground for vulvas of all sizes. A moderately thick shaft, lined with rows of horizontal bumps, is perfectly poised to reach your G-spot with a rounded, angled tip to boot.

The Essenza’s seven thrusting modes and ten vibration speeds are super easy to control with the toy’s intuitive, silicone buttons. Essenza is also quick to charge via USB and can be washed easily due to it’s splash-proof design.

Turbo Baller 2.0 Vibrator

Get real(ly good orgasms) with the Turbo Baller 2.0 Vibrator, an ultra-realistic, penis-shaped vibrator with a suction cup base.

The Turbo Baller 2.0 is pretty magical as far as vibrating dicks go. Not only does Turbo vibrate with up to 8 different speeds. It even rotates 360 degrees like some kind of sex-crazed cyclone.

Stick this fully waterproof willy to your shower wall or stuff it into a strap-on for an experience that’ll blow your partner’s mind. We also love the added testicle detail, which is great for clit-rubbing and grinding during solo play.

Versa Bullets and Sleeves

Femme Funn knows how to expand your play session with simple but effective add-ons, which define the Versa bullet collection.

The Femme Funn Versa Bullet And T-Sleeve is perfect for clit and vulva lovers. Alone, the Versa bullet is a smooth, ABS plastic mini vibe with 7 vibration modes. When paired with the T-sleeve cover, it becomes an oral sex simulator that softly flickers against the clitoris with a lightly textured, silicone pattern adorning the sleeve.

For fans of internal stimulation, the Femme Funn Versa Bullet And S-Sleeve is – ahem! – right up your alley. Similarly, this version of the Versa also comes with a smooth, plastic bullet (that’s also remote-controlled, btw!), but the S-sleeve is long, slender and made just for penetration. The S-sleeve, which is essentially a hollow dildo crafted to hold the small Versa bullet, also fits wonderfully in a strap-on harness.

Bougie Bullet With Rechargeable Case

Have you been on the lookout for a simple, discreet toy that you can easily toss in your bag and take with you wherever life takes you? Look no further than the Bougie Bullet w/ Rechargeable Case from Femme Funn.

Don’t let the simple appearance of this packable powerhouse fool you…it is as enjoyable as it is stunning. 20 different vibration modes and intensity levels are built into the rose gold anodized aluminum shell of this bougie beauty.  The smooth and seamless bullet shape allows for pinpointed stimulation wherever you choose.

The fanciest feature is the magnetic charging case, which helps keep the toy dust-free between uses and makes it easily portable.  The USB cord tucks neatly into the case with it.  The bullet is also 100% waterproof, so you can dive into pleasure wherever and whenever it may strike.    

No matter what basic style of toy you’re into, Femme Funn has a version that will certainly upgrade your experience every time! Check out the other innovative Femme Funn vibes offered online at, or in your nearest Lover’s Lane store.  Happy shopping, and enjoy the endless “funn” with your new toy!

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