Choose the Lube That’s Right for You(be)

by Colleen G.

April 27, 2024


Intimate lubricants are universally pleasurable, gender-neutral, and the perfect companions to literally every kind of sex. There is never not a great time to break out the lube when you’re aroused, whether you’re with a partner (or more) or playing solo, or digging through your sex toy drawer or just using your fingers.

If sex is happening – and no matter what kind of sex – there’s a lube for that. We actually think lubes don’t get enough attention in the sex toy world, despite their ability to adapt to every body and all types of pleasure play.

For folks who are new to the whole making-sex-wetter thing (which is literally mandatory for anal sex anyway!), we’ve put together a short guide to the most common and popular types of lube you’ll encounter in the wild, and a rundown of what they all do best.

Water-Based Lubes for a Back-to-Basics, All-Natural Feel

If you’re looking to imitate the texture and glide of your body’s natural wetness or have ultra sensitive skin, start out with a water-based lubricant. As the name suggests, water-based lubes are all about creating a slippery surface without any frivolous ingredients. The goal is to give your body a little extra juice to relieve any discomfort from dryness or chafing during penetrative sex, sex toy play, or clitoral and vulva finger play, whether solo or with a partner.

Water-based lubes are abundant on, so we’ll toss out a few of our favorite suggestions to jump-start your search.

Pjur Aqua Water-Based Lubricant is a high-quality, no-frills lubricant that’s great for all orifices and toys, too.

If you’ve got a sensitive vulva, Wicked Aqua Sensitive Lubricant is made to be ultra gentle. It’s made to be hypoallergenic, and with very few natural, skin-safe ingredients. It also closely matches your body’s chemistry and natural moisture, so it’s unlikely to cause internal or external irritation.

Hydra Water Based Glide is formulated with plant-based cellulose and aloe, which soothe the skin and are also fantastic for sensitive bodies.

Simply Timeless Aqua Jelle is formulated with perimenopausal and menopausal women in mind. This thicker gel lube can also be used as a daily vaginal moisturizer.

Since your back door doesn’t supply its own lubricant when aroused, you’ll want to reach for an extra juicy lube that’s made just for anal sex, like Jelle Plus Water Based Anal Lubricant.

Spring for Silicone for a Silky Smooth Glide

Silicone lubricants can do pretty much everything your body cannot, and if you’re looking to update your sex life with a modern touch of chemistry, silicone is the way to go. Unlike water-based lubes, silicone lubes don’t dry out and aren’t absorbed by the skin, so they’ll stay slick and slippery, even when splashed with water (however, they will also make your tub or shower SUPER slippery, so use extreme caution when using silicone lubes for shower sex).  Satiny silicone is also a top choice for anal sex and for menopausal women since it can thickly and thoroughly lubricate orifices that don’t produce their own natural wetness during arousal.

Be very careful before using silicone lube with silicone toys, as most silicone lubes will cause a chemical break-down in silicone sex toys. Read the bottle before you start playing, or stick to ABS plastic, glass, crystal, or metal sex toys when using silicone lubricant.

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant is a pleasure industry standard in silicone lubricants that’s beloved by many, and it’s a great starting point for folks who are new to silicone.

Uberlube is another fantastic, much-praised, basic silicone lube you can slather on all your holes and, as a fun little bonus, even dab on your hair to control frizz. (Yes, actual Uberlube users and the sales team themselves attest to this! Just don’t, you know, drizzle on too much or you’ll end up looking like a 1950s greaser dude).

Ease Silicone Relaxing Anal Glide is formulated with a boost of skin-soothing chamomile, aloe vera, and sunflower seed oil to provide extra protection and comfort during butt play.

Ultra Silicone Based Lubricant comes in a convenient pump bottle and is a fan favorite for it’s non-greasy, slick texture with no unnecessary ingredients.

Have the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Lubricants

Can’t decide between silky-smooth silicone and super-slick water-based lubes? Some genius in the sex toy world invented hybrid lubes, which blend these two fan faves for a truly otherworldly kind of slippery sex.

Just make sure your hybrid lube specifies it can be used with silicone toys, because certain formulas cannot, and your toys will start to melt and become sticky or deformed when the silicone lube meets the solid, smooth silicone toy.

Pussy Willow Hybrid Silk Glide is a toy-safe hybrid that’s enriched with moisturizing aloe vera.

Simply Timeless Hybrid does double duty as a daily vaginal moisturizer for dryness and includes soothing olive leaf extract.

Get Cookin’ in the Bedroom with a Splash of Flavored Lube

Lubes aren’t just for sticking in it, folks! As most water-based lubricants are naturally flavorless and safe to eat, they’re perfect for packing with flavor to turn oral sex into a delectable treat.

Get dessert déjà vu with ice cream-worthy toppings like La Nua Strawberry Coconut and La Nua Honey Vanilla.

The Wicked Lubricants brand knows a thing or two about flavors. Their flavors taste realistic and natural, and are made without sugar so they are safe below the belt. You can turn your partner into a tasty treat with their variety of Aqua Birthday Cake Lubricant, Aqua Sweet Peach, Aqua Vanilla Bean, and Aqua Strawberry.

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