4 Different Types of Orgasms: Learn Them, Love Them

4 Different Types of Orgasms: Learn Them, Love Them
POSTED ON May 25, 2016

How much do you really know about the different types of orgasms? Not all are created equally, though all are equally enjoyable! The good news is that we’re living in the future, with more knowledge than ever before about how to achieve the different types of orgasms right at our fingertips. As a result, sex toys today have been specifically designed with each kind in mind. Delve into them with us below!

Erotic boost: some studies have indicated that if a woman switches up how she orgasms, she is likely to have more orgasms overall.

Vaginal Orgasms

Let’s face it. When we talk about vaginal orgasms, we’re talking about the G-spot. The most hotly debated of all female erogenous zones is also the center of traditional sex as we know it, yet still the most difficult orgasm to achieve outright.Different Types of Orgasms

To put it in the most specific terms: to best hit the G-spot, you need to target the frontal “wall” of the vagina. Lift your body toward your partner with a pillow or up the ante with the Flip Ramp from Liberator, a supportive piece of sex furniture that can be used to help reach difficult angles.

The Toy You Need:

G-spot vibrators are some of our favorites – with so many options in shape, there’s sure to be one with the right form for every body. We like the Gossip Jenny for its soft, flattened head shape, while the Perfect Lil Fit is a nice size if you prefer a petite G-spot toy.

Clitoral Orgasms

Many women experience their first orgasms via the clitoral route. With good reason, as this incredible part of female anatomy has 8,000 nerve endings! But did you know that most of it is actually inside the body? The only part we can access is the little button directly above the vulva, but caressing all around this area is, as we all know, part of the fun. Luckily, in addition to our own powers and those of our partners, certain toys can be employed to achieve even more thrilling sensations.

The Toy You Need:

Much like G-spot vibes, clitoral vibrators come in a large variety of shapes and styles able to offer many unique modes of action. Feel sensations similar to the motions of a tongue with the Iroha+ Tori, ride the classic bullet form with the Twistty Mini Bullet, or go for a contemporary spin with the shell-style Silhouette Finger Massager.

Blended Orgasms

It’s time to combine! Double the intensity of your orgasm by focusing on achieving simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasms. With a mixture of patience, careful adjustments of your bodies, and communication – not to mention just the right sex toys – a blended orgasm is just a bit of erotic work away!

The Toy You Need:

Dual stimulation toys are the name of the game when it comes to blended orgasms. With both internal and external massage points, these types of sex toys are specifically designed to activate both pleasure centers as close to simultaneously as possible. Choose from some of our favorites: the Sensuelle Femme Vibrator, Gossip Serena Rabbit Vibrator, or Lady Bi Dual Stimulating Vibrator.

Multiple Orgasms

Here’s an amazing fact about women: they can experience multiple orgasms in a row. Men, at least the majority of men, cannot. Immediately post-orgasm, men go through what’s known as a refractory period: the length of downtime needed before they can physiologically become aroused – aka get hard – again.

Women don’t have this refractory period, period. A woman can come again and again and again, in rapid succession, through intensely focused attention, whether solo or provided by her partner. Just think of the erotic possibilities for drawing out orgasms, building up to several, and everything that happens in between!

The Toy You Need:

Enjoy the pleasure of multiple orgasms solo with any of your favorite sex toys or embrace it with your partner through exploring couples vibrators that offer unique sensations to both parties, with the added bonus of hitting multiple pleasure points for women. We like the We-Vibe Classic (now with an app!), Tiani 3 from Lelo, and the Drive Vibrating Couples Ring from Vedo Toys.

Different Types of Orgasms

Perhaps nothing in life has been more sought after without a thorough understanding of how to actually find it than the female orgasm. Enlighten yourself – if you haven’t already without knowing the names! – by exploring the different types of orgasms with the sex toys unique to each kind and loving trust from your passionate partner.

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