Discover the Experience

Discover the Experience
POSTED ON December 3, 2018

The We-Vibe Discover Gift Box is easily one of the best gifts this holiday season if not THE best, and here's why:

We-Vibe brings us not just one, not two, but ten different gifts all wrapped up in one neat box. From vibrators and a plug to lube and a tickler, this gift for people to explore new avenues of pleasure or delve deeper and be blown away by the pure ecstasy that awaits them. Lets break it down a bit to truly understand the value of this box. The ten items just about fall into two different groups: vibrators/toys & essential delights.

Vibes & Toys

The Couples Vibe- Now in a new splashproof special edition is the world's No. 1 vibrator for couples! It's designed to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and g-spot for maximum pleasure.

Clitoral Stimulation- The Womanizer Starlet stimulates your clitoris without even touching it due to Pleasure Air Technology so you can savor strong orgasms.

Bullet Pleasure- "This bullet is a tiny powerhouse that delivers orgasms on demand. I've never had any issues with the Tango - deep thumping vibration are perfect." Said Iris who is just one of the many people who are overjoyed with their Tango, one of the many treasures included.

Vibrating Butt Plug- A lot more people are realizing the immense joy that comes from anal play, and you should check it out for yourself because do you really want to miss out on all that erotic pleasure? The Dusk is a great way to dip your toe into anal exploration, and don't worry it's completely body safe.

Kegel Ball- Kegels are designed to bring you more pleasure and intensify your orgasms by building muscle. More pleasure. More Muscle. Better Orgasms. Who doesn't want that?

Essential Delights

Spice It Up- The silky sash makes a wonderful blindfold or a light restraint so you can explore your partner, or let them explore you. Soft to the touch and simple enough to be any which way you can imagine, this sash has a lot of pleasure potential 😉

Titillating Tickling- Whether it's a part of your fantasy play or part of your foreplay, this tickler delivers some serious excitement. Another great use, if you're into bondage, is to tickle your lover's most sensitive zones while they're restrained for extraordinary excitement.

A Sexy Adventure- Find out what fate has in store for you when you roll these sexy dice. The best kind of pleasure belongs to those who experiment with a wide variety of experiences, and that's exactly what these dice provide. There's lots of sexy suggestions just waiting for you.

Increased Romance- Those with better sex lives are the ones who work on building romance, and massage candles are great for that. Set the mood just be lighting it then increase the intimacy with the massage oil it releases for an unforgettable sensual experience.

What Everyone Needs- Lube. Made by Pjur, this water-based lubricant goes great with toys to ramp up your pleasure and bring you an unbelievable orgasm.

The Total Package

Each individual product will rock your world, and the best part is you get all of them with the Discover Gift Box. On top of everything else, all the good vibrations and sweet sensations, there's also the innate joy of unboxing new treasures. A major part of the fun in opening presents is seeing all the different boxes and wondering what's inside each of them, this box offers you that ten times over. Plus, all of the gifts widely vary from one another so there's something for everyone whether you're single or married, looking for a new adventure or just playing around. Give the gift of discovery this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

-The Intimacy Advisor


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