Electro-Play: Toys to Electrify Your Romance

Electro-Play: Toys to Electrify Your Romance
POSTED ON August 28, 2017

Electro-play: is this a new term to you? Even kinksters may not have heard this terminology yet, although the basic premises have been around as long as human desire and electricity have co-existed. “Erotic electrostimulation” is another term to describe the same form of play. Of course, a crop of e-stim toys have popped up to satisfy these shocking desires.

In honor of our three-day 25% off sale – which runs 8/29/17 to 8/31/17 – on all e-stim toys, we’ve picked our three favorites to explore a little more for those interested in the sexiest possibilities of electricity.

Please be advised that even at relatively low current and voltage, injury through misuse is always possible. Those new to electro-play are strongly encouraged to do additional research into the techniques and toys that interest them the most. We also recommend using the Shock Therapy Electro Sex Gel to increase conductivity and prevent irritation.

Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty

Lately we’ve been all about vibrating panties – they’re so much fun to wear when you’re out and about, ready for secret fireworks! The Shock Therapy Pleasure Panties from Pipedream kick it up a notch by adding electricity to the already-thrilling mix. The panties include a small pocket in the front to hold the compact control unit, which you can use one of two ways: connected to the panties themselves, which works by sending electrical impulses to various metal contact points inside the panties; or as a hand massager, delivering electric shock via the oval center piece when you touch any other part of the metal.

Fetish Fantasy Electro Touch Cuffs

Set the controls for the heart of BDSM when you explore domination through electro-play with the Fetish Fantasy Electro Touch Cuffs from Pipedream. With the ability to go from luxurious tingles to palpitating pulses in just an instant, these cuffs are sure to provide plenty of erotic intrigue for newcomers and veterans alike. The pleasure happens while you’re wearing them – electrical stimulations are transmitted to whatever you happen to touch! As with the Pleasure Panties, you can also use the control unit on its own as a hand massager, easily switching between “Slow” and “Fast” to adjust the frequency of the shocks.

Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel

Electro-play is naturally kinky, so it makes perfect erotic sense to combine it with another type of kink in the Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel from Pipedream. Pinwheels, which are also known as Wartenberg wheels in the sex toy world, were originally invented by a neurologist (Dr. Robert Wartenberg, hence their unwieldy name) to test nerve reaction and sensitivity as the sharp pins are rolled across the skin. While the device isn’t used in the medical field anymore, it’s not especially shocking that it became incorporated into unique forms of fetish foreplay – and the Electro Pinwheel doubles that pinpointed pleasure with the option to add electrical impulses!

Electro-play is not for everyone, but for those who thrill at the thought, e-stim toys are the perfect way to experiment with the erotic power of electricity in unique ways. As always, explore more sex toys for couples, erotic lingerie, and all things his and hers discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.


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