Everything but the Cups: Braless Lingerie, Panties, & More

Everything but the Cups: Braless Lingerie, Panties, & More
POSTED ON October 18, 2018


Ah yes, the wonderful world of female underwear. There's literally tons of different styles, color, materials, designs, etc. While we don't nearly have time to discuss all of them, we're going to cover crotchless panties, a vast multitude of different styles, and touch on some a couple different areas before you dive right into the next saucy section. If you're looking to find out the difference in various kinds of panties, then check out our Lingerie Guide article.

Crotchless panties as you may expect, do not cover the entire crotch. The opening varies in size from a small slit to a couple small straps off to the sides. They provide a whole different experience to your sexual escapades. Are you looking for a little more spice in your life? Work or other circumstances got you down? Then switch it up, crotchless panties are available in plus-size too! If you're not comfortable with crotchless panties just yet, don't worry, you still have a lot of choices. From ruffles and frills to lace-up to boyshorts to wet-look and themed panties whether you're a big superhero fan or maybe you just have a sweet tooth, there's something for you and it might just have some nice satin ties or bows.

Honorable mention despite not actually being panties is denim shorts. They can be unbelievably sexy, especially if they're the only thing you're wearing 😉 they work even better if your guy is big into country, or just human either works. Now, the natural companion to panties is garterbelts, and how do I know this? Well, sometimes they're even combined into garter panties also seen in the superhero collection.

Garterbelts/Leg Wear

Garterbelts have primarily one function, to hold up the stockings. Similar to panties, they come in a number of different shapes. For example, the Classic Garterbelt has two triangles, one on either side of the panty. However, they can cover more skin and resemble shorts or even skirts. Stockings, hosiery, and other leg wear, on the other hand, are a different story. They primarily have some shape which envelops a person's feet and legs to add a layer of mystique to the strong sexual pull. However, there are some rebellious ones out there like the Sheer Garter Pantyhose. They're great with skirts, panties, or even just... by... themselves...


If you're looking to take your sex appeal to the next level then find the right robe. They're a great bra-less option to show as little or as much as you want. Gowns tend to include cups/bra, but I'm sure you can find one that works for you. For a more transparent approach try the Barely There Sheer Robe, or if you want to hold out till a grand reveal there's the Black Satin Robe.

Open Bust/No Cup

There's just something seductive about lingerie that is just like any other piece out there except it doesn't have cups. If you're in the market for something like this then you're probably going to want to spend the majority of your time in the corset/bustier and bodystocking departments because they're more likely to be cupless than chemises, babydolls, and such. The Crochet Open Bust Bustier & Stockings is a good example as well as the Open Bust Fishnet Bodystocking.

Braless Fetish Apparel

A lot of people have sex fantasies, but how many people are willing to admit it, embrace it, and start getting the most pleasure out of their life? Have you ever wanted to play like Grey? Well now you can! Our vast collection of fetish supplies will help you realize your naughtiest dreams, but you also need to look the part, and we have just the wardrobe for you! Here's our top three picks: Straps and Lace Sexy Bra SetAlmost Topless Romper, Harlot Cupless Corset

Be you, confident in yourself but daring enough to branch out and venture into an unknown world of pleasure.

-The Intimacy Advisor

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