Featured Store: Greenwood, Indiana

Featured Store: Greenwood, Indiana
POSTED ON August 1, 2016

Our Featured Store column is back – and today we’re offering sexy insights from our in-store Romance Specialists in the recently relocated superstore in Greenwood, Indiana! Below, get their best tips on adult sex toys, erotic lingerie, and how to increase intimacy through romance!

1. Which vibrator do you recommend for a woman who has never used them before?

For a woman that has never used a vibrator before, I would recommend Cadence by Nexus Femme. This is a waterproof, rechargeable toy with two separate motors for dual stimulation. The reason I recommend this toy is because on the G-spot piece, there is a bead that rocks back and forth, mimicking the sensation a finger tip would create. That is a very normal, natural sensation that the beginner is then able to further boost with vibrations.

2. How can a couple transform their bedroom into the perfect setting for romance?

Greenwood 1The best way to transform your bedroom into a romantic setting is first to get rid of all of the clutter. Sheer scarves over lampshades will help soften the mood, or you can turn all of the lights off and create a pathway to the bed with candles. To make it a little extra fun, have a tray consisting of strawberries and whipped cream for a sensual treat.

3. What fetish toys should experienced couples try?

I firmly believe that all experienced couples should try their hand at electroshock. It's a fun, controllable sensation that really helps heighten all of your senses. A brand called Electrastim has a product called Flick that comes with the unit, cock rings, a vaginal/anal silicone probe, pads, lube, and conductive gel so you can try a little bit of everything and anything. It's also rechargeable and even more separate attachments are available, as well.

4. What do you consider erotic massage essentials?

Greenwood 2In my opinion, there are a few items that I deem perfect for erotic massage. First of all, you definitely need a massage candle. Second, a blindfold really helps heighten the senses. Lastly, if you want to kick it up a notch, employ under the bed restraints to hold down the person being massaged. That way, the person giving the massage can allow their hands to even more freely slip and slide all over their partner’s body.

5. Which sex toys do you recommend for couples that are adventurous with anal sex?

Greenwood 3Couples that are adventurous with anal definitely need to try Moody by Fun Factory. It's a medical grade, rechargeable, and waterproof vibrator that is PERFECT for anal. You can feel the deep vibrations all throughout the toy; it’s also comfortable for a man or woman to use.

If you’re looking for some more specific advice, you can always ask our Romance Specialist discreetly online right here or by clicking on Ask Our Romance Specialist at the top of the page! Coming up next: seriously sexy tips from the in-store Romance Specialists at our Kalamazoo, Michigan location!