Featured Store: Halloween Edition - Royal Oak, MI

Featured Store: Halloween Edition - Royal Oak, MI
POSTED ON October 20, 2016

Our Featured Store is back this month with another round of Halloween-centric questions. If you need some costume inspiration, we’ve got it all: costumes for her, costumes for him, couples costumes kits and accessories, and even Halloween hosiery! Get inspired with spooky visions from our Royal Oak, MI store below!

Lover's Lane Royal Oak - Halloween

What do you recommend for couples that really want their costumes to stand out?

For the couples that want to go all out with face paint and makeup, we recommend Mr. Bones & Ms. Bones; the Bride of Doom & Groom of Doom; and the Dead Zone Zombie and Spiritless Cheerleader! Couples that prefer something more glamorous will love any of the flapper costumes for her and the Good Time Charlie costume for him, or Queen of the Nile for her and the Warrior of De Nile for him!

Best Couple Costume Ideas 2

What are some great accessories that could be paired with a corset to turn into a costume?

We have a lot of beautiful masks to pair with a corset to turn you into anything! Add some of our fabulous heels or boots with some unique stockings and a tutu to make the outfit really pop. We also have many wigs that will help transform you into someone completely different!

What’s your prediction for the hottest costume this season?

Anything Suicide Squad, like the Harlequin Blaster or HarleyGirl costumes, or a superhero theme in general, like Captain USA, Sexy Dead Assassin, or Harley Hearts. Fairytale themes like Cinderella and the Charming Prince will be huge, too. Throwback costumes like Ghostbusters, Chucky, Freddy Krueger, and Beetlejuice should be big also.

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What are some good costumes that would be just as fun for some after-party role playing?

Schoolgirls, of course! Naughty nurses and cops, dirty maids, and dark angels are all just as fun in the bedroom as they are at the party!

What are some fun costumes for men this year?

We now have more men's costumes than ever! Some of our favorites include the Big Bad Wolf, Papa Bear, and Hatter Madness. For some different looks, check out the Freak Show circus ringmaster, Bloody Handsome vampire, the Egyptian god Anubis God of the Underworld, and Party at Gatsby’s outfit to go as Gatsby himself! Men have a lot of great costumes to chose from this year.

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Halloween is around the corner, but don’t forget that you can rock your favorite outfits all year-round, whether you love cosplay in the comic world or roleplay in the bedroom! Our stores have extended hours up until Halloween, Thursday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.! Check out all our Featured Stores and stop by the one nearest you to check out all our costumes in the flesh. As always, feel free to browse our sex toys for women, sex toys for men, and erotic lingerie online for all your discreet needs.


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