Featured Store: Lake Zurich, IL

Featured Store: Lake Zurich, IL
POSTED ON January 10, 2017

Our next Featured Store brings us to Lake Zurich, Illinois. Our in-store Romance Specialists have just the advice you need for new sex toys, upcoming Valentine’s Day plans, and more. Get their sexiest insights on sex toys for her, sex toys for him, erotic lingerie, and even more below!

Lake Zurich At Night

What is one type of sex toy every couple should try in 2017?

We could be typical, but our team instead suggests that every couple try some sort of electrical stimulation. It doesn't have to be elaborate, as we know it is an acquired taste. The Shock Therapy Kit is a good place to start.

Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, what is a unique way for couples to spend the holiday?Trail of Roses

A romantic evening at home, with a trail of rose petals to the kitchen, where a bottle of their partner’s favorite wine and dessert await. Proceed to have the trail lead toward the bedroom with a list of 14 reasons you love them, one for each rose spaced out along the trail. Try keeping the mood inviting but seductive with candlelight – we recommend the relaxing low, crackle of Woodwick candles – find an outfit for him (like the Sexy Boxers) and her (like the Flatter Me Lace Babydoll) and have them waiting on the bed with the final rose and note between them. Complete the mood with all the pieces of our Garden of Edo Love Kit on the nightstand.

What type of lingerie do you recommend for women who are a bit shy?

For ladies who are a bit more on the shy side, the choice in lingerie comes down to how much they want to reveal. One of our most popular pieces is the Fun Again Reversible Underwire Babydoll (available in plus sizes, too) by Coquette, with removable bow to transition from playful to sexy.

What do you recommend for a couple looking to experiment with anal for the first time?

Anal play can be enjoyable for both partners with a few helpful tips; you can learn more about anal play at the Intimacy Advisor. We recommend the Pjur Backdoor containing jojoba, a natural relaxing agent and a lube tube to make sure the canal is properly lubricated. We encourage starting off with small butt plugs and gradually increasing in size in order to get the muscles used to having something in the canal. Use the plugs as a form of roleplay; you can also perform oral to relax the body even more. Last but not least, toy cleaners to keep your toys in good condition is especially important when it comes to anal toys.

Anal Sex Ed

For couples that want to try a unique role play situation beyond the classic schoolgirl and French maid scenarios, what would you suggest?

With the variety of different role play outfits out there, the possibilities are endless. Some ideas involve good cop, bad cop scenarios; light sub/dom scenarios; and doctors with their helpful nurses, just to name a few!

If you have a specific question in mind, you can always discreetly ask our Romance Specialist by clicking here or on Ask Our Romance Specialist at the very top of the page. For even more sexy reading material, check out the tips in all our Romance Specialist Roundups and Featured Stores.


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