Featured Store: Saginaw, MI

Featured Store: Saginaw, MI
POSTED ON November 29, 2016

This week, our Featured Store spotlight shines in Saginaw, Michigan! Find out what our in-store Romance Specialists have to say about sex toys for her, sex toys for him, erotic lingerie, and any other dirty thoughts that could potentially be on your mind!

What’s a good holiday gift for a couple who has only been together for a few months?

Whether it has been a few weeks, months, or years of being together, our #1-selling product for couples of all sorts is the We-Vibe 4 Plus, and more recently, the We-Vibe Sync. It's this amazing little "U"-shaped silicone toy that the woman wears during intercourse to get both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Both couples benefit from receiving deep waves of vibration while being intimate. The Sync is actually able to adjust its shape to ensure it fits every woman perfectly and comfortably. What's amazing is that it also comes with a little remote so you can pop the toy into a pair of panties and wear it out! Forget your remote? Don't worry about it, there's an app that connects to the toy as well, allowing you to play wherever! For more fun, create your own vibration patterns or let it vibe to your favorite songs.

How about a couple who’s been together for 20 years?

The We-Vibe Sync! If you want to try something other than couples toys, keep in mind using toys for her such as the Come Hither Rabbit Vibrator from The Rabbit Company or toys for him such as the Tenga Flip Hole, both of which can be exciting for foreplay! Anal toys, bullets, G-spot massagers, and C-rings are all popular styles of toys for couples who want to experiment in the bedroom and make sex exciting again!

Featured Store Saginaw

What are three of the sexiest pieces of holiday lingerie out this year?

This year we have many beautiful, thick, and incredibly supportive corsets in all different colors and sizes ranging from small to 6x. If you're looking for holiday lingerie, some of our favorite Mrs. Claus-themed picks include the Flirt With Me Santa Bustier (in plus sizes, too), Santa’s Playmate Velvet Romper, and Sleepover Santa Babydoll (in plus sizes, too).

We have many different styles of lingerie including bustiers, chemises, garter belts, teddies, babydolls, and body stockings, but our suggestion is to come in and try it on. More often than not, customers come in with one style that they like but then end up buying another!

Featured Store Saginaw 2

If someone wants to gift their single best friend who won’t stop complaining about her lack of orgasms a vibrator, which one would you recommend?

There are 3 main styles of toys for women: bullets, G-spot toys, and dual stimulators. One is external, one internal, and the dual does both at once! What I would recommend for a woman with a lack of orgasms would more than likely be dual stimulators like rabbit vibrators, with the option of different shaft and internal stimulation preferences. Two that we like are the Thrusting Orgasm Bunny Vibe and the Minx Dolphin Glow Vibrator.

Regardless of the style of toy, our word of advice would be to get a rechargeable toy. Not only are they super easy to use, but they usually create a deeper vibration with longer and stronger orgasms. The Womanizer is an amazing one-of-a-kind clitoral toy for women that gives a pulsating, sucking sensation to the clitoris without actual clitoral contact. It gives you the most realistic oral sex stimulation – and, since it doesn't have direct contact with the clitoris, the area is not desensitized, so multiple orgasms are extremely common!

What are some unique sex toys you’d suggest for the most adventurous couples out there?

For adventurous couples we have Liberator sex furniture, which is made out of an astronaut foam so it doesn't lose its shape during intercourse! Some of this sex furniture, such as the Ramp and Wedge, offer cuffs and a blindfold with the ramp, as well, to add a bondage component to the experience. If that’s your fetish, Liberator also makes a Spanking Bench and Spreader Bar! For the artistic couple, the Love Is Art kits (available in Wedding, Cosmos, and Classic editions) are wonderful because they enable you to make an abstract piece of art while being intimate with your partner. Once your sex painting has dried, you can hang it up to remember your special night forever! They come with a loofah as well to wash the paint off you and your lover, taking the fun into the shower for even more adventure!

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Need more advice? Have a particular question you need an answer to? You can always directly and discreetly ask our Romance Specialist by clicking here or on Ask Our Romance Specialist at the very top of the page! Explore all our Romance Specialist Round-ups and Featured Stores, and check back soon for the next set of seductive tips from our store in Lake Zurich, Illinois!


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