Featured Store: SexDrive.com

Featured Store: SexDrive.com
POSTED ON July 25, 2019

Time to ramp things up in the bedroom? Then do I have some good news for you! The Lover's Lane brand that you've known and loved for 26 years has just unveiled their brand new adult website: SexDrive.com

What is it?

SexDrive.com by Lover's Lane is an adult oriented retail website that offers a wide variety of products.

Haha get it: Lover's Lane, Sex Drive. Plus Sex Drive has TONS of stuff to boost your sex drive (gosh do I love double entendres). But seriously, you can find stuff like lubes & massage oils, pheromones & supplements, a whole variety of toys, erotic apparel, and so much more! It's quite literally a one stop shop for all your kinky and dirty needs 😉

Above is a picture of the homepage navigation bar, so you can see what's available. The funniest category in my opinion is by the far "butt stuff" I'm not sure why, but it gets me giggling every single time. Fun fact: we have a guide to anal play article coming up at the beginning of August so stay tuned!

All visitors (you must be 18 years or older to enter) need not worry as your personal information is kept strictly confidential. The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance.

I'm not sure how the homepage will evolve, but here's some current pictures of what's going on to give you an idea of what's in store for you:

The Lover's Lane Brand

SexDrive.com is a part of the ever growing Lover's Lane brand, backed by 26 years of industry experience & expertise so you can rest assured that you're getting quality products from a reputable industry leader.

The Lover's Lane website of the future will focus more on sensual lingerie & romantic gifts while Sex Drive takes over all of your more adult toys & the more risque lingerie/fetish wear.

Plus, there's only 1 cart! If you want something from Lover's Lane & Sex Drive, you can definitely do that as they're both the same cart so there's no doubling up on the shipping cost.

Ready for the ride of your life? SexDrive.com


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