Featured Store: Shorewood, IL

Featured Store: Shorewood, IL
POSTED ON May 26, 2017

This month, our Featured Store highlights the Shorewood, Illinois location. Get some hot tips on masturbation, massages, and more from the in-store Romance Specialists!

In honor of Masturbation Month, can you recommend one great toy for women and one great toy for men who want to try something new?

My recommendation to women would definitely be the Eroscillator by Top Deluxe. With six interchangeable attachment heads, it provides a different orgasmic experience every time. Because this toy oscillates rather than vibrates, it offers more numerous, powerful, and longer-lasting orgasms. My recommendation for men would be the Mega-Bator by Pipedream. This waterproof, USB-charged stroker twists, turns, and thrills with endless pleasure combinations. Just push a button and the Mega-Bator will deliver explosive results.

What are some of the most sensual massage items you would recommend for an erotic massage?

I would start by suggesting the Garden of Edo by Shunga. This collection starts things off with a relaxing bath in our Lotus Flower Dead Sea Bath Salts. The scent has aphrodisiac qualities and is sure to clean things up, so you are good and ready to make the night dirty. The Garden of Edo offers an exotic green tea massage oil and an erotic apple martini-flavored warming oil, perfectly paired with a blindfold. Moving into more intimate areas you have Toko Organica Lubricant and Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel. This sensitizing gel is designed for couples and creates a cool tingling sensation that intensifies both the male and female orgasm.

Which vibrator would you suggest to a woman who has never used one before?

There are so many questions that lead us to a woman's perfect vibrator. We ask questions about the customer’s anatomy, pleasure zones, size preference, solo or couple’s play, and so on. There really isn't one magical answer. If you wouldn't eat the same food every day or wear the same clothes every day, then you shouldn't have the same orgasm every day! I would suggest something that does everything, with lots of patterns and functions, and the ability to simplify if needed. The Beaded Rabbit by Rabbit Company is a great place to start. It allows the user to control the two motors independently and has incremental speeds so it's not too overwhelming. If she enjoys her new hobby more than she expected, no worries... It's guaranteed for five years through the manufacturer.

Can you recommend some good pheromone-enhanced sprays or perfumes to help couples boost intimacy and attraction?

We get great reviews on the Pure Instinct Pheromone products. This line of products offers a luxurious body lotion, roll-on oil, and a body spray to freshen up your mood throughout the day. They also offer a pheromone-infused massage candle to keep the attraction going behind closed doors, which can be found in stores!

What style of lingerie would you say is the most flattering to all body types?

Our motto is: Sexy doesn't have a size! Our Romance Specialists work diligently to make our customers feel like a celebrity every time they shop with us. We understand that sexy is a state of mind and the most flattering lingerie for any woman is an outfit that makes her feel confident – whether it’s a babydoll, chemise, corset, or anything in between! We help each customer find their best fit, something she feels sexy in that is sure to knock his socks off!

If you have a specific question in mind, you can always discreetly and directly ask our Romance Specialist by clicking here or on Ask Our Romance Specialist at the very top of any page. For even more seductive sex tips, browse all our Romance Specialist Roundups and Featured Stores; as always, our sex toys for her, sex toys for him, erotic lingerie, and even more are available online for discreet shopping or in-person at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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