Featured Stores: Westland & Clinton Twp, MI

Featured Stores: Westland & Clinton Twp, MI
POSTED ON June 27, 2017

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on our newly updated classic stores! Westland and Clinton Township, both Michigan locations, have been in it for the long haul, but they’re both now looking fresh and fabulous with new and updated storefronts! To celebrate, we found out a little bit more about the remodels, as well as received some totally sexy suggestions for couples to explore together!


Tell us about the store remodel. What can customers expect? What’s new?

Since the remodel, the store is not only larger but brighter. It is a clean, neat store with a comforting vibe. Our new outdoor signage is sure to be noticed as well!

Work in progress at Westland!

Westland is the very first Lover’s Lane. This store has gone through five remodels in their 24 ½-year history and is still at the top of the pack when it comes to sales in the Michigan market. It has the largest offering we make available at our retail stores and has loyal repeat clientele, which is a testimony to the quality service our staff provides.

New signage going up!

What kind of lingerie do you recommend for new brides?

New brides shopping for lingerie will love our romantic collections, which come in a wide array of colors sure to fit anyone’s desires. The Bridal Chemise with Train, which is also available in plus sizes, is a playful and sexy take on your wedding dress. We also love the Pure Parisian Chemise for its nude look and subtle embroidered details. For all-out glamour, go for the Venus Embroidered Lace Strap Teddy, as this barely-there piece has strategically placed embroidered lace and straps for an unforgettable look.

What are some kinky ways for couples to experiment together?

For the most adventurous couples, we have the Just Sensation Beaded Clit Clamp, which offers a kinky touch that looks and feels great, while couples can go all-out with the genuine leather No Bounds wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and blindfold.

Have fun and enjoy!

Brand new storefront, ready for you to come visit!

Clinton Twp.

What’s the perfect vibrator to gift to your shy friend who just got married?

The perfect vibrator to give to a shy friend who’s getting married is the We-Vibe Sync. It's small, discreet, powerful, and something she and her husband can both use. They can use it on their honeymoon as the perfect couples toy to spice up the evening and add a little excitement, or she can wear it as a vibrating panty while they're out to dinner, at a movie, or just staying in for the night.

With the app compatibility, he can control all the vibration patterns and speeds right from his phone. The best part is that it's virtually silent, so no one will ever know she's wearing it. And since she is a little shy, the toy is so small and cute that she won't be intimidated by the size. She'll thank you forever!

Tell us about the store remodel. What can customers expect? What’s new?

Clinton Twp. beginning to transform.

Lover’s Lane in Clinton Township has a fresh new updated look. Our old awning has been replaced with beautiful lettering to signify that everything in our store is updated, as we want our customers to know that by shopping at Lover’s Lane they've made the choice to check out the most current trends and products available. Customers can expect to come in and see a fresh new layout of products and displays.

The sign in the process of being updated.

The space in our game room is now being utilized for all kinds of new products, including a bondage cube, toys for boys cube, and our all new Rabbit Company vibes. Our bachelorette and party section has been moved and expanded, making it easier for customers to shop as well as offering more products for bridal season. Customers will find that their shopping experience will be much easier with our new layout.


Clinton Township, refreshed and ready for you to stop by!

What are some sexy ways to get ready for summer?

Everyone should be heading to Lover’s Lane to get sexy for summer! Enhance your tan with some of our sparkling body oils and glitter and grab everyone's attention with our tantalizing pheromone sprays. We have sexy thong bikinis and even sexier cover-ups that you won't find anywhere else. The best part is for those summer nights with your partner, we have lingerie in all the summer colors!

After a beautiful day at the beach, you can surprise your partner with that sunkissed look wearing some sexy lingerie and armed with a bottle of relaxing massage lotion. Nothing makes summer sexier than a trip to Lover's Lane.

If you have a specific question in mind, you can always discreetly ask our Romance Specialist by clicking here or on Ask Our Romance Specialist at the very top of any page! For even more sexy reading material, check out the tips in all our Romance Specialist Roundups and Featured Stores; as always, browse all our sex toys for her, sex toys for him, erotic lingerie, and even more online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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