Five Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy! :)

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


When it comes to sex and sex toys, we often put the penis on a pedestal.  This post is all about celebrating the almighty V instead!  Vulva owners know we need a little more finessing to have an orgasm than our penis-owning counterparts…sometimes it takes more than just a few thrusts from a dick-shaped dildo to get the job done.  Luckily, there are tons of great products out there made just for helping our lady gardens flourish.  Whether you usually use toys solo or with a partner, these debonair devices are sure to make you say “ahhhh…”.

Wanderlust Wand Massager

Brought to you by Evolved, this wand toy is just that – an upgraded and evolved version of the wand toys you’re probably most familiar with.  Featuring a great, rumbly traditional wand bulb on one end, perfect for massaging the clitoris or anywhere on your body that feels good, this one also has a ridged, contoured, insertable vibrating “handle” that doubles as a great g-spot massager with its bulbous end.  With 7 modes of vibration and 7 speeds for up to 49 combinations, you’re sure to find a setting that will make you sing!  It’s also USB rechargeable, waterproof, and the whole thing is smoothly coated with luxurious body-safe silicone with no pinchy seams or open ridges, so it’ll give you a smooth ride no matter how you choose to use it.      

Power Play Playful Bullet

The Power Play Playful Bullet may not look like much at first glance, but what it may lack in size and sophistication, it makes up for with sheer power and fun!  Being a traditional battery-operated toy, it is perfect for travel because you don’t have to worry about packing a special charging cord or base.  4 AAA batteries give this tiny bullet more power than your average bear, and a single, simple button press cycles you through 3 impressive speeds, so there’s no getting bogged down with complicated controls when you’re just trying to enjoy.  It nestles perfectly in your hand for precision manual control, lay it between you and your partner, or tuck it in a C-ring, hollow dong, strap-on, or butt plug made to accept bullets for more powerful ways to play!  This bullet is also a great beginner toy, and has a price point that makes it an excellent gift or party favor for bachelorette parties, so everyone can take home a little bit of the fun!    

Osé Massager & Stimulator

Remember the earlier mention of women often requiring “more” to orgasm?  Well, this toy gives you that “more”, and then some!  A best seller from luxury brand Lora DiCarlo,  this toy was developed by women, for women, and was more of an advanced robotics and artistic design project than just building a new sex toy.  It’s smooth, flexible, and adjustable to hug your anatomy perfectly.  The bulbous, smooth, insertable end snuggles right up to your g-spot, and contains a robotic, finger-like stimulator to mimic that famous “come hither” motion we all know works so well in four different stroking patterns.  Add to that the cup-shaped clitoral stimulator that is made to mimic the feeling of the mouth and tongue on and around your clitoris.  With 10 intensity levels on the clitoral stimulator, and customizable settings to use both parts together, this one is sure to put you over the moon!  Regular orgasms are good for your mental health, too, so this one will make you AND your vagina very, very happy for years to come!    

Sensuelle Point 20 Function Silver Bullet

This shiny bullet lives up to its name by getting straight to the point…of making you feel great!  This gorgeous girl is double chrome plated over a hard ABS plastic shell, giving it a smooth, sensual, cooling feeling when you apply it to your warm body. It’s the perfect size to pinpoint and apply firm pressure exactly where you want it, and an easy-to-use button on the bottom cycles through no less than 20 patterns & speeds of vibration and pulsation, so you’ll never get bored!  Not to mention, it’s powerful!!!  It is also rechargeable in it’s sleek little charging base/stand, which we think is actually pretty & discreet enough to leave out on your nightstand or dresser!  Use it solo, with a partner, or in combination with other toys, and you’ll quickly see why we call it “the only bullet you’ll ever need!”  

Toko Organica Lube by Shunga

Alright, I know you were thinking it…there shouldn’t be a whole post about keeping your vagina happy without mentioning lube…so here it is!  Toko Organica is our number-one selling lube in Lover’s Lane stores and online!  People buy it, try it, love it, and keep coming back for more!  While vaginas are naturally self-lubricating to a point, most women don’t produce enough moisture down there to consistently be enough for a smooth, comfortable sexual experience…especially since everything from your hormonal cycle, birth control, child birth, to even your mood can change it!  Whether you’re using toys or having vaginal sex with a partner, that’s where the importance of a great lube comes in!  This one is water-based, not silicone, which means it’s safe to use with all these toys mentioned above and any you have at home.  The secret ingredients that make this one special are organic, non-chemical processed vegetable glycerin & natural corn by-product. It cleans up easily, and feels smooth and silky without getting thick or tacky with friction.  This one won’t make you walk away from a sexual encounter with that “Ew, why am I sticky?” feeling.  While not marketed as a “flavored” or edible lube, it does have a natural sweetness that mimics the taste of a woman’s own lubrication, so it won’t be nasty if your lover wants to go in for oral favors!  It won’t throw your natural pH out of whack down there, either.  Keep one of these in your nightstand drawer for a happy vagina all the time!      

Hopefully, these toys & lubes will be bringing you joy, enhanced sexual health, and happiness soon!  Self-love and masturbation are important parts of a healthy sex life, and bringing toys into your partnered sex helps keep things fresh, too.  You deserve to treat yourself!    

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