Forgot Valentine’s Day? Gift Your Way to Forgiveness

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Oooooh boy, you really dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day 2021, didn’t you? If you’re reading this blog, we already forgive you, considering we just concluded the first year of a modern pandemic and all…

But unfortunately for you lads who forgot the flowers, fancy dinners and sexy gifts, your girlfriends or wives may not be as soft-hearted right about now. (And while we won’t exclusively blame the boys here, let’s face it…it’s usually the dudes who forget our favorite Hallmark holiday.)

If the babe in your life went-without this past Sunday, February 14th, don’t fret. Maybe ya’ll were just too busy to celebrate! Either way, we’ve brainstormed some totally do-able tactics if you’re in need of a Cupid’s Day re-do.

Wondering how to fix up your V-Day screw-up? We promise your thoughts will not only count, but win her heart back with these sex-cellent post-Valentine’s surprises.

Still Stuck on What to Buy? Stick With the Classics.

There’s a good chance you’re V-Day gift clueless because your babe just isn’t sex toy crazy (yet!). Hey, not everyone has jumped on the vibrator trend bandwagon, and that’s OK! If this will be her first adult boutique gift, spring for a crowd pleaser that rarely disappoints.

If she loves lingerie, there’s nothing like a vintage-style set, complete with a sexy garter belt (and don’t forget the thigh-high stockings). Try a see-through, lacy robe if loose-fitting coziness is more her style, or a sunshine-yellow babydoll for fans of bright colors.

Get her sex toy collection started with a simple and luxurious clitoral vibrator, like the LELO Alia or LELO Nea 2. Classy, simple clitoral vibes are just sensual enough to whet her appetite without diving into the deep end.

For an extra oomph of power, the Bobbii vibe by NuSensuelle provides ultra-strength vibrations with a soft, pointed tip for pin-point stimulation.

Indulge Her with a Full-Service Massage

Nothing begs for forgiveness quite like a slow, head-to-toe massage (complete with a happy ending, if we’re being honest here).

The Garden of Edo by Shunga is the ultimate massage gift set. This gorgeously wrapped kit is ready for gift giving and full-body pampering. All you’ll need to provide is a towel and a cozy spot for her to lay out and get oiled up.

For added romantic ambiance, light a High on Love sensual massage candle. The candle smells delicious and creates a low-heat, body-safe massage oil as the wax burns.

End your amateur masseuse session with the Slow Sex oral sex balm by Bijoux Indiscrets…because if you’re not finishing off this evening with some oral delights, what are you even doing?

Surprise Her with Stellar Bath & Body Goodies

She’s probably not expecting you to show up with top-tier beauty products, but that’s where your pals at Lover’s Lane come in. We’ll direct you to nothing short of the best stuff for shaving, moisturizing and all-out glamorizing.

COOCHY shave cream is an actual legend in adult pleasure retail. This intimate shave cream is the secret to a silky smooth, bump-free shave, and it works like a dream for smooth vulva and testicles alike. Gift this stuff to  babes who like to shave bare and you’re officially The Man for life.

Bathing beauties will adore the Oriental Crystals Lotus Flower bath salts by Shunga or the Kush Queen CBD bath and body kit.  These are great gifts to lead to a sensual evening of joining each other for a little romantic tub love, too!

The Fashionably Late pheromone perfume by DONA is a treat for two with a yummy scent and the added power of pheromones to activate the sensual parts of your brains (yes, pheromones are the real deal!).

Buy Her the World’s Best Sex Toys

This last suggestion should be a no-brainer. A luxury sex toy is the ultimate spousal gift these days. Buy her something nice that fits her favorite way to be pleasured, and you will literally earn the key to her heart.

Honestly, it’s hard to beat the Womanizer Premium. This air-pulse clitoral stimulator is the pleasure product of the decade. There’s a good reason women can’t stop talking about it. The Womanizer replicates the distinct feeling of oral sex with short pulses of air that gently lift the clitoris.

The Le Wand cordless, rechargeable massager is another unbeatable bet. This deep-rumbling vibe is another sought-after, classic toy that’s been re-designed with all sorts of futuristic updates, like multiple vibration modes and different sleeve options for the head.

No booty play fan’s collection is complete without the now-famous b-Vibe rimming butt plug, the world’s first anal sex toy that replicates the feeling of rimming, or analingus – stimulating a partner’s bum hole with the tongue. Beginners should start with the b-Vibe petite, a smaller version with all the same excellent features as the original.

This last toy literally went viral last year. The Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure combines suction of the clitoris and vulva with vibration and direct, clitoral licking with it’s flexible tongue. Need we say more? And don’t worry, the toy can’t cuddle and make post-orgasm sandwiches, so it’s not likely to replace the real thing anytime soon.

While you could try to make amends with the traditional flowers, cards, and chocolates, we think you’ll have a much easier time earning your way out of the doghouse with some of the great gifts mentioned here.  Surprise her with special & sexy gifts from Lover’s Lane or, coupled with plenty of intimate together time, and soon she won’t even remember that you dropped the ball on V-day.  Just don’t do it again next year! 😉

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