Free Your Fun! A Guide to Sex Furniture & Positioning Aids

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


What do you think of when you hear the term “Sex Furniture”?  Some people may immediately picture a dungeon bed covered with hooks and chains for the professional fetishist, or a torture-rack looking bench with a built-in robotic dildo.  We promise it’s not that scary…or that extreme!  Most of these pieces exist to help keep you comfortable…even in sexual positions you may never have dreamed possible! Sex furniture and positioning aids are simply tools to help make your solo sex more exciting and take your partnered sex to new heights.  Read on to learn more about what’s possible when you “free your fun” with sex furniture!  

Sex is fun, right?  But if you do it in the same basic way all the time, it can get boring, and when sex gets boring, we stop wanting to have it as much!  Break the cycle by investing in your bedroom fun by splurging on a piece or two of sex furniture, or a couple positioning aids.  We’ll get into the nitty-gritty and certain positions each most popular piece can be used for in future posts (you can also see more details in the description of each piece at, but here’s a quick list to get you thinking about how you and your lover can use these pieces to reach amazing new positions and pleasure possibilities!

Top Twelve Reasons Sex Furniture is AWESOME:

1.  It makes unique sexual positions more comfortable:  

You know all those amazing positions you’ve read about in the Kama Sutra, or books like the Position Sex Bible?  Some of them are just not easily achievable by the average human.  Sex furniture to the rescue!  Something as simple as the Liberator Black Label Ramp or a basic Wedge can help level the playing field and turn your bed into the ultimate position sex playground.  If you want to go all-in and have room for a new chaise lounge in your bedroom, the Black Label Esse has multiple repositionable cushions and countless options for how it can help you stay comfy, no matter what new sexual shenanigans you’re trying to get up to!

2.  It helps you not get tired as quickly during sex:

Let’s face it…sex is hard work, and a damn good workout!  It can be tiring, but positioning aids are tools that can help you go the distance.  Try a doggie strap to hold your partner closer and assist with the thrusting motion during doggie-style sex, straddle a round cushion like the Whirl to stay in the game longer during sex from behind, or hold your legs in new positions without wearing them out with the Lux Fetish Position Pal.  These tools can even help you have more intense orgasms because of the new angles and depth of penetration they can help you achieve!

3.  It’s discreet:  

Most sex furniture doesn’t LOOK like sex furniture, except maybe to others really “in the know”.  Toy mounts like the Wing or wedges like the romantic Heart Wedge just look like cute throw pillows or bolsters on your bed, and the Flip Ramp folds into a cute little cube ottoman so it can just hang out in your bedroom…when it’s not being used for new sex positions in that configuration, that is!  

4.  It can make masturbation feel more like partnered sex:

Masturbation with toys is great, but it’s often lacking that sensation you can get from truly “riding” the penis or grinding and thrusting up and down against your partner’s body.  Toy mounts can help take your solo sex sessions up to a new level of pleasurable realism.  Pieces like the Bon Bon (pictured below) and the Tula both hold your insertable dildos, vibrators, and even wands so you can play in entirely new ways.  The Pulse Toy Mount hugs your anatomy, and has one opening for a dildo and one for a vibrating clit toy, like a perfect little bullet, so you can use it to generate a rocking sensation like natural sex when interacting with your buzzy friends.  All of these toy mounts can be used without toys, too, as the perfect cushions and bolsters for reaching new positions during partnered sex, too.      

5.  It just makes sex WORK!:  

Maybe you have a hard time with sex positions other than missionary due to size or height differences between you and your partner, injuries, or physical disabilities.  Adaptable pieces that can be used in multiple ways like the Liberator Flip Ramp or the Hipster open up new possibilities for positions and comfort, and can help make great sex accessible to all!

6.  It can be a good intro to the excitement of bondage play:  

It may not be that scary dungeon furniture, but many pieces of our adventure gear are fit to be tied…down.  The Ramp & Wedge with Restraints can be configured for many different sexual positions, with the added bonus of bondage cuffs and a blindfold for that erotic edge.  Make bondage play work with ANY bed (no four-poster or dungeon frame required!) with the Bed Buckler Kit.  It comes with restraint cuffs and a blindfold for kinky fun whenever you’re ready, and it can be tucked away when not in use!  If you’re a seasoned pro and have your own restraints, take your BDSM fun on the run with the Strict XL Bondage Board, which gives you 18 places to buckle down your submissive lover!    

7. It helps you open up:

Keeping your legs spread wide & up in the air with your partner on top during missionary, oral, or over the head sex is a definite turn-on, but it can be tiring!  A positioning aid like the Saffron Thigh Sling from Sportsheets or the Whipsmart Diamond Deluxe Sex Sling can help you hold your legs exactly where you want them.  Back to the bondage theme, a comfy padded Talea Spreader Bar with Cuffs can also help keep you open to all sorts of new position options.  

8.  It makes your play space “just right”:  

Mattresses, couches, and floors aren’t always the Goldilocks zones for ideal sex.  Sometimes they’re too soft or sometimes they’re too firm, hard, springy, bouncy, etc.  The Liberator Wedge can help even out that surface to provide just the right cushion for the pushin’, or take your comfy and kinky fun wherever you are with the Bondi Portable Playscape with cuffs!

9.  It can make sex less painful:  

If you’re one of the 30% of women who occasionally experience pain during sex, it might be because the angles just aren’t quite right.  Even tiny lifts like those provided by the Arche Wedge can help adjust your hips to the right height for smooth and pain-free penetration.

10. It can take your sex to new heights:  

Why does it always have to be the horizontal mambo?  Take your playtime vertical with fun pieces like the Door Jam Sex Sling or the Fantasy Bondage Swing.  They are both easy to install and fun to use, and open up countless new position possibilities!  It’s always good to have options!

11. It can make your foreplay a fantasy:  

Let’s be honest, most women have fantasized at some point about doing a strip tease and dancing on a pole as their enraptured lover looks on…and most men wouldn’t mind watching that show, either!  Perform all the moves from your dreams in the privacy of your home with the Power Pole Pro…it even spins so you can master those stunning sexy spins! There’s nothing stopping gents from learning some moves, either! Pole fitness is a thing, too, so make up some fun and sexy workout routines and count it as an investment in your health! 😉

12.  It makes clean-up a breeze:

Lay down the Fascinator travel throw whenever and wherever things are going to get wet & gushy.  It’ll soak up the mess so you can toss it in the wash instead of all your bedding!  Most sex furniture and toy mounts from Liberator have removeable, washable covers for easy cleaning, as well!  

If you’re ready to “free your fun”, check out the selection of sex furniture, adventure gear, and positioning products at your nearest Lover’s Lane store, or shop discreetly online at  We promise you’ll have oodles of fun discovering the countless ways you can find use your new sexy furniture, and it’s always nice to buy something for the home that you know will never wind up just gathering dust!

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