Fun Factory: The Best Toys for You

Fun Factory: The Best Toys for You
POSTED ON June 26, 2019

A lot of people can be and feel awkward about incorporating sex toys into their life. However sex toys can elevate you to new heights and bring you to orgasms unlike ever before. Today we'll talk about some of the best toys for you!

Laya II

We decided to start off with the most versatile on this list. The Laya II is the upgraded version of the LayaSpot. It works as a stroker, a clit vibe, a couples toy, you could probably even use it as an anal toy if you want to.

Whether you're using it by yourself, with a partner, or even as part of mutual masturbation, the Laya II is a high quality toy with probably more uses than I've talked about here.

No matter if you're doing it doggystyle, girl on top, or even missionary, this toy can bring so much more pleasure to you and your partner.


Pure orgasmic ecstasy. The Volta definitely delivers. It's best for clitoral stimulation, but it has SO MANY other uses.

Even better, you could tie your partner up and tease them, any and all part of them with the dual fluttering tips.

Maybe you engage in some nipple play with or without your partner. You might rub your clit or finger yourself while the Volta stimulates your nipples.

You could handcuff your man then put his shaft between the tips and then torture him with on and off pleasure, maybe even combine it with a blow job 😉


We raved about this one in the "Male Masturbation: Shaft & P-Spot" article last month. If you're a guy who is new to sex toys and you don't want a traditional stroker aka pocket pussy, then the Manta is (quite literally) what you need.

Also, as seen to the left, your partner could use it on you during sex. The Manta is by far one of the best toys for guys I've seen in a while. I mean, it's great for the shaft, the head, and the balls!

Stronic G

Discover pleasure unlike ever before with the Stronic G. Yes the g-spot is real. Yes you can have an amazing orgasm from it, especially with the help of this special toy.

If you're really feeling kinky, you could vaginally insert the Stronic G and have your partner enter you anally from some unbelievable double penetration.

The Fun Continues

There's still so many toys from Fun Factory alone to explore like the Miss Bi & the Amorino to the Amor & the Duke. Countless toys in countless positions to enjoy them, sounds like you and a partner have a lot to explore 😉

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