Fun Sex Games: Punishments & Challenges

Fun Sex Games: Punishments & Challenges
POSTED ON August 3, 2017

Looking to try something new with your lover? Been in a relationship for a while and losing the sizzle? Well, this one’s for you! We’ve found fun sex games that will turn up the heat and bring back the adventure in your sex life. Whether you want to add them to your foreplay routine or spend the whole night playing them, these games will surely spice things up again. And who knows where the fun will lead…

Sexy Suits

Grab a deck of cards and let the fun sex games begin! Designate a certain act for each suit, like hearts for kissing. The number on the card equals the seconds or minutes (your choice) each act lasts. From massages to oral, the options are endless for what the cards may hold.

Looking for next-level cards? Try the Sex! Card Game to really set the tone.

Truth or Dare

A sexy twist on a classic, Truth or Dare is one of our favorite fun sex games. Not only are you learning some truths about each other, you’re opening the door to endless possibilities for sexy dares. It’s a great way to connect with your partner on a number of levels, as well as potentially boosting your confidence to try more sexually. From figuring out each other’s fantasies to trying that position you were too nervous to before, this game of Truth or Dare will definitely not disappoint.

Love Club Coupon Book

We’re all about sharing the love, which is exactly what our Love Club Coupon Book will do for you and your lover! With a wide variety of sex favors, your significant other could wake up with an oral surprise or have you as their love slave for the day. Whatever they’re feeling, the book has a sexy coupon for it. Surprise your lover today and give it a try!

Strip Pong

Remember how good you were at beer pong in college? Well, this is one of the fun sex games where you’ll receive a lot more than just an ego boost from winning. You’ll need the typical 10 cups on each side of the table and two ping pong balls. You and your lover will then compete to see who makes it in each cup before the other. The sexy part? If you miss after both shots, you have to take off one article of clothing. If you make it, you can keep your clothes on and watch your partner slowly strip down to nothing. Who knows, you might even end up getting dirty right there on the table!

Sensations Game

This one is perfect for board game lovers. Our Sensations Game will give you the feel of a real game night, while turning up the sexual heat. The game helps intensify foreplay, as well as incorporating fun, playful activities, making every player a winner in this case. Besides, who wouldn’t want to try a board game that comes with a blindfold, a stimulator, and massage oil?

Bad Girl

Our list of fun sex games wouldn’t be complete without a little spanking, right? Ladies, let your man know all of the bad things you’ve done lately, whether it was a mishap as simple as forgetting to put the dishes away or something truly sinful. Let him decide just how many spanks you deserve for your naughty behavior. The stinging sensation will rev things up for you, while the domination aspect will definitely get him going.   

Nothing is more disappointing than a boring sex life. That’s why we think fun sex games are so important! Whether you’re in a new relationship and wanting to learn what the other likes, or you’re trying to spice up your long-term relationship, incorporating games into your sex life will bring fun and pleasure to both of you. Give our list a try to see what we’re talking about!

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