Giving is Sexy: A Holiday Gift Guide


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Christmas and the rest of the holiday season is coming up quickly, but you still have a good solid week to shop. You might be thinking, “but I’m done shopping!”. Well, if that’s the case, good for you…you’ve definitely got a one-up on me! But, if you’ve only followed the same wish list that your partner probably scribbled out at work and also gave to their parents and their Aunt Linda (cozy slippers – check! A new lunch box for work – check!), you may want to pick up another item or two for your lover to open in private. Amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a sexy gift from Lover’s Lane will encourage you to take some time for just you two, which is important to help you remain feeling connected during this busy family time. So dust off your idea of traditional gift giving, and get ready to play the sexy elf! Keep reading below to find the ideal romantic gifts for your person’s personality, naughty or nice!

On the Nice List

These gift-getters embody the holiday spirit all year long. Generous, fun-loving, and giving, they can’t wait to be on the receiving end of beautiful gifts and holiday cheer. Their gentle personality will be on full display in this gorgeous Sweet Heart Teddy. If you’re looking for a fun holiday piece to really get you in the spirit year after year, you won’t go wrong with the ultra-adorable Ultimate Santa Girl Corset (left). Make sure to help them rein in their reindeer games to get them in bed for some sweet and sexy time with their beautiful new Lolita Baby Heart Massager…after all, their toys (and the packaging they come in) should be beautiful inside and out, just like they are! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving out the guys! Your Nice Saint Nick will be ready to jingle in his Mr. Santa Trunks w/ Hat set! If he’s just getting into toys, the luxurious Nexus G-Rider would be a perfect place to start! Don’t forget to keep it clean, and you and your new toys will have a very happy holiday, indeed!

On the Naughty List

These gals and guys haven’t been bad, per se…there just isn’t much they won’t do in the name of having a good time. This makes them remarkably easy to choose gifts for because they’re not intimidated by much! Help them embrace their darker nature with a gorgeous bustier and panty set in a smooth, wet look like the Slick it Back set, or a kinky & strappy teddy like the Angel of Love Lace Black Teddy (right). All the Christmas cheer may not be their thing, but you can give it a gentle nod with the Bundled up in Bordeaux Bra Set. As a couple that’s probably set for bedroom toys and implements of (fun) destruction, get your lover a fun place to hide it all in plain sight and easy reach with the Liberator Stashe Pillow. Naughty list guys can rock any pair of sexy, dark briefs…but don’t worry…they won’t stay on long! Gear up for a fun night in on Christmas Eve, and you’ll have a not-so-silent night!

Sugar Plum Fairy

Just like Buddy the Elf, these sweeties think the four food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. Their infectious giggle and bubbly personality makes them fun to spend the holidays with, and their love for all things sweet makes them easy to choose gifts for! Help them show off their candy-colored sweetness in a beautiful teddy or the Pretty Plum Flyaway Babydoll. They can embrace their inner elf in the Sexy Elf Teddy, which has removable cups so it’s ready for the unwrapping! The guys can get their sweet love on, too, with the Candy Cane Thong as a silly surprise hiding under silky drawstring pants. Don’t forget the candy-colored C-Rings and a fun toy that will lick her like a lollipop! After the din of holiday shopping and sugar-buzzing about, take them home for a quiet dessert…each other! Indulge your lover with the Sweet Kisses Love Kit from Shunga for a decadent, candy-flavored romance sesh!

Cutting Edge Conductor

This is the hardest holiday type to buy for. These influencers seem to have engineered the Polar Express down from the North Pole Research & Development Lab about four times a year. They have to have the latest, greatest, most high-tech, newest EVERYTHING, and if they see something they really want, they’ll buy it for themselves! Fear not, dear shopper, because you have a few unexpected gifts up your sleeve. They will crush it in this stunning silver/white velvet Frostine Crop Top & Booty Short Set, or the slick Cobra Mini Shorts for the guys! Appeal to their techie edge with the latest in app-controlled bedroom toys like the hands-free PDx Elite Deluxe Mega-Bator, or for both of you together, the We-Vibe Sync Extra Powerful couples toy. A play session with this bad boy will certainly rip them away from their screens! This style of lover will also appreciate the drug-free high they’ll get from a sensual massage with CBD massage oil…it’s all the rage, after all!

Having a hard time choosing? Every gifter and giftee LOVES a Lover’s Lane Gift Card! The lucky recipient can choose whatever tickles their tinsel! It’ll be burning a hole in their pocket until you two can go shopping TOGETHER between the holidays for all the toys and treats that Santa forgot…guaranteed to keep you warm all winter!

Cheers to a Sexy Season of Giving!

Happy Shopping, Happy Gifting, and have a very Sexy Holiday!


~The Intimacy Advisor

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A former teacher & trusted relationship expert, Kristin writes science & health-conscious advice that she hopes can help everyone enjoy sex & intimacy more.
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