Halloween Fun: Top 10 DIY Costumes

Halloween Fun: Top 10 DIY Costumes
POSTED ON October 9, 2019

Think about who/what you're going to be this year? Well here's our top 10 Do It Yourself costumes that (almost) everyone is sure to love, #4 is a bit darker than most people would like, but #9 is an absolute classic!

1. Genie

You can grant someone's wishes tonight, if ya know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge* This costume is fun because depending on where you want to take it. You could add in some gloves, a wig, a mask, pretty much anything you want before it comes off later that night 😉

2. Pirate

We know it's all about the booty! Ok, maybe that was a little too punny, but seriously, who doesn't love to be a pirate. There's the black beauty, the swashbuckling siren, the pirate wench, and still more to see.

3. Popular Characters

Maybe you want to be your favorite character from a show or a movie? Wonderwoman? Superman? Batman? This is where things can get really fun, because you can completely mix & match that chemise with this hat and tutu. Or this corselette with this wig and top it off with a mask!

4. Dominatrix

This is an EASY one. You literally have the whole erotic apparel section to choose from. How about this mini-dress for starters or this bustier? Don't forget your tools of domination.

5. Angel

There's some really great angel costume kits out there. Do you want to be an angel of the light or the dark? You could add in some gloves and/or some more wings to be a truly fierce angel!

6. Devil

There's so many good accessory if you want to be a devil this year. We have masks that glitter, and then those that don't but they cover your whole head. Maybe you take this tantalizing outfit, throw on some black wings and a black mask then dominate your partner?

7. Witch/Sorceress

This is probably one of my favorite, because I'm into supernatural stuff. Maybe you want some pieces from this 3 piece but the dress of this costume. Or maybe you want this hat and this dress? You could even add some pantyhose to the costume to top it off, more like bottom it out. Haha!

8. Sexy Nurse

The sexy nurse is a particularly fun one, because it's pretty different from a lot of other costumes, but there's still so much versatility in accessorizing. Do you want more black, white, or red? Don't forget the gloves!

9. Sexy Cat

You can't beat the classics, and it doesn't get much more classic than the sexy cat. We start off with a whisker mask, the put on the ears, and from there you can go with the Wet Look Catsuit or the Leopard Mesh & Lace Teddy. There's still so many options and combinations though. It all depends on how much skin you want to show.

10. Mermaid

Sing your siren song to attract lovers to you in this sizzling costume or you might fancy this one more. Then you can pair it with a wig to bring the costume together. It just depends what color you want it to be, blue/purple or a more teal/green?


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