How to Do a Strip Tease: Sexy Tips to Drive Them Wild

How to Do a Strip Tease: Sexy Tips to Drive Them Wild
POSTED ON April 21, 2017

Wondering how to do a strip tease but too nervous to ask? Say no more! In honor of Entertainer Month, we’re laying out the bare necessities for your strip tease education!

1. Dress in layers.

The more you’re wearing, the more there is to peel off – but avoid the Arctic look! Wear sexy, skimpy entertainer wear like the Fetish Thick Band Jeweled Set underneath, topped off with a white feather boa and the Satin Layered Ruffle Skirt to give you a few more ways to put on this sexy little show.

2. Be comfortable.

When learning how to do a strip tease, you don’t have to bust through the doors of your comfort zone; it’s perfectly fine to take it slow and do what feels more comfortable to you. If that means stilettos or knee-high boots, by all means rock them. But donning and slowly unbuttoning one of his work shirts while wearing nothing else underneath can be equally, if not even more, seductive!

3. Set the stage.

Dim the lights and arrange his seating. You should have enough space to strip at least a couple feet away from him – he needs to be able to see all of you, yet be just out of reach. When it comes to how to initiate, you can be prepared while making it spontaneous for him by leading him to the bedroom as soon as he comes home from work – he’ll never know you spent all afternoon getting ready. But there’s also nothing wrong with discussing expectations beforehand if this is totally new to you.

4. Pick the perfect song.

You can’t learn how to do a strip tease without considering the music. Find inspiration in our guide to sexy songs about masturbation, or even some of the seductive tracks on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Some other classic songs to strip to include “S&M” by Rihanna and “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé, or Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher.”

5. Begin with a sexy strut.

How to do a strip tease begins well before you start to strip anything off. Once you’ve sat him down, step back and start to slowly walk toward him, letting him get a nice good look at your long legs.

6. Use your hands.

On your own body, that is. The key here is to use your fingertips, not your palms. Glide your fingertips over some of the sexiest parts of the body – read our guides to female erogenous zones for unique ideas – while making sure to keep your movements smooth and light.

Play with your hair, make eye contact, and take your time removing articles of clothing, sliding it up and down your body before slipping it off. Once it’s been removed, caress the parts of yourself that are now naked – it’ll drive him wild!

7. Explore what your body can do.

When figuring out how to do a strip tease, remember that your body is capable of so much. Arch your back; make circular motions or figure eights with your butt; move in between standing and being on your knees to show off your body in multiple angles; make a show out of unclasping your bra (do it with your back to him to up the reveal even more); use the wall or a chair for extra support; and go extra slow when stepping out of your panties. If you’re feeling extra erotic, place them in your mouth and deposit them in his lap on all fours.

8. Take it slow!

Don’t ever rush a strip tease. It defeats the purpose! You need to give him time to take mental pictures of you all throughout the process. The longer the strip tease takes, the more time he has to take it all in to better recreate in his mind later on.

If you’ve been feeling shy but interested in learning how to do a strip tease, why not give it a chance this month? Create your very own bedroom entertainer wardrobe during the sale, or explore everything we have to offer for her and for him, discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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