How To Have A Foot Fetish

How To Have A Foot Fetish
POSTED ON September 10, 2013

Sexual fetishes may seem exotic and wild, but everyone has them. The fetish of having a fascination with feet is actually widespread, so the question of "How to have a foot fetish?" isn't so crazy after all. If you’re thinking about exploring a foot fetish, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you or your partner have that special interest in feet, it’s easier than ever to indulge your sexual whims.

Intro To Your Partner's Foot Fetish

Are you trying to tickle your partner’s fancy? There are more than a few things you can do to drive them wild. Take the opportunity to show your toes off! Take care of your feet, paint your nails bold and sexy colors, and wear sandals or other open-toe shoes. This way, you can show them outside of the bedroom that you’re thinking about their sexual satisfaction.

When you get ready to test how to have a foot fetish inside the bedroom, take it slowly but surely. Your partner will want to lick, kiss, and otherwise touch your feet. Although you may find it strange initially, if you’re open to the idea, it could start to feel just as good for you as it does for them! Take it to the next level by dressing up your feet with luxurious stockings, the erotic lingerie of the foot fetishist.


Advanced Techniques For Foot Fetishists

A foot fetish is an intense desire and affords the need for the presence of feet in sexual situations. If you already know about your love for feet, then you obviously are in tune when it comes to touching, kissing and physically involving them when getting intimate with your partner. Yet, there may be a new adult sex toys that can change your perspective on the subject altogether.

For the slightly more daring in the bedroom, adult sex toys have always been a great resource of delight and pleasure. If you've always hoped for a toy that can be used along with your foot fetish, you'll be extremely excited about the Heeldo. Available for him or her, this strap on dildo harness lets your foot do all the work. Intended for both vaginal and anal stimulation, this adult sex toy combines multiple fetishes for one wild ride.

If you’re been questioning how to have a foot fetish or just want to further expand your pleasure, you’re not alone. Many people are interested in how they can help explore their partner’s interests as well as figuring out their own. An obsession with feet can be a wonderful thing if you’re open to the idea. Not only will you try something new, but your partner will also truly appreciate the attention to their specific and unusual intimate tastes. After all, nothing keeps a couple happier than communicating and understanding their sexual needs together.


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