How to Massage: Some Essential Tools

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Besides being an incredible tension reliever, the feel of your lover’s touch over your skin can stir up many erotic sensations. You’ll leave no doubt that their sexual enjoyment is your main focus by getting to know all their favorite spots and pleasure points. Taking the care to focus on their pleasure in this way promotes an extra feeling of closeness and connection that only this type of intimacy can create.

The Low Down On The Rub Down

Just like your lover’s sexual interests, how someone enjoys a massage varies from person to person. For some, only a deep tissue type massage will feel good. For others, light caresses and basic rubbing instead of kneading will provide pleasure. Get to know your lover and what they like through communication and basic trial and error. Just remember, massage is more than touching; every sense should be set to relax mode.

The Massage Toolbox

Every masseuse has their little secrets and stash of secret weapons to aid in their craft. Even if you’re not trained, you can still give your partner a very “spa-like” massage with our favorite massage tools. With these tools, your partner will be begging you for a repeat performance!

Massage Kits:

Everyone begins to learn their craft somewhere. If you want to learn techniques or perfect what massage methods you already have, try a massage kit. Most kits contain everything you’ll need for a beautifully erotic massage, including a quick start guide.

Massage Oils:

Intensify the sensations with the use of massage oils. System JO’s line of Dona Essential Massage Oils are seductively scented and provide the perfect amount of slickness needed to give the perfect massage. Dona Essential Massage Oils are a rich, long-lasting formula that moisturizes and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. These uplifting and restorative oils are 100% natural and vegan.


Take advantage of the power of vibration and avoid aching hands and fingers with a wand massager. Quiet and discreet, most wands feature a rounded head and long handle which allow them to bend and flex. This allows the massager to fit all the natural contours of your body. Get to know your partner’s body and pleasure them at the same time with our expert tips and tools to giving a better massage!

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