How to Show Appreciation: 5 Easy Ways to Show Your Love

How to Show Appreciation: 5 Easy Ways to Show Your Love
POSTED ON April 11, 2017

It’s Couples Appreciation Month and we’re exploring how to show appreciation to our significant others! We know that it can be a difficult thing to do sometimes, especially if you’re an emotional person, but there are simple things that anyone can do – and we’ve laid out five of them for you below. Dig in and don’t forget one of our favorite quotes: Couples that play together, stay together®!

1. Write them a poem.

Don’t be intimidated at the prospect of writing a poem to show your appreciation. A poem doesn’t have to rhyme. A poem doesn’t even need to contain full sentences. Think about what you love about your partner, and all the things they do that you want to thank them for, and the poem will practically write itself.

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2. Literally show your love on a piece of art.

How to show appreciation can get a little messy when you bring the Love Is Art Kit into the picture! Available in three styles (Classic, Cosmos, and Wedding), this set allows you to immortalize a session of lovemaking using non-toxic paint into a lovely piece of art that you can display anywhere in your home – and no one will ever be the wiser!

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3. Leave surprise “Thank you” notes.

The simple act of gratitude is an especially potent way to show your appreciation – and it might just be the easiest method of all! But we like the idea of turning it into a game by leaving “Thank you” notes in unusual places and giving your partner time to discover them. Pack the note in your partner’s lunch, leave it inside their favorite coffee mug to discover next time they need their morning jolt, slip it into one of their pockets – the possibilities are seemingly endless!

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4. Make time to date each other.

One of the easiest things to fall to the wayside in long-term relationships is the concept of dating. Just because you’re already a couple doesn’t mean you can’t date each other – and when it comes to how to show appreciation, we think this is an especially fun way to do it. Make dinner reservations, dress to the nines, and converse like you don’t already know each other’s hopes and dreams – you’ll never know what you might randomly find out!

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5. Give compliments in private and public.

We’re not suggesting that you rent out a plane to fly a banner proclaiming your significant other’s eternal beauty (although we’re sure they would appreciate it if you did!), but sometimes it’s nice to show your love and gratitude to the world. Make it happen at work by sending your partner flowers or chocolates unexpectedly; make it happen at home if you’re throwing a party by toasting to your partner and all the hard work they put into making the evening just right!

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With a lot of love, a little bit of luck, and some sexiness for good measure, how to show appreciation can be as fun as it is fulfilling. Everyone loves to know they are loved, and Couples Appreciation Month is a fun excuse to make a celebration out of it. As always, find everything you need to treat him or her any time of year discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!