How to Talk Dirty in Bed: Steamy Words for Sexy Thoughts

How to Talk Dirty in Bed: Steamy Words for Sexy Thoughts
POSTED ON September 5, 2017

Nothing is worse than boring, silent sex. When neither of you are making any noise at all, awkwardness can easily ruin the moment . That’s why it’s important to know how to talk dirty in bed. It’s not just about what you’re doing with your bodies during sex, it’s what you’re saying to each other during it, too. Read on to learn how to intensify your steamy sessions and drive yourself and partner wild.

Tell them what you want.

A little direction goes a long way, especially in the bedroom. If you’re not quite sure how to talk dirty in bed, this is the perfect way to start. You’re basically ripping a page out of your personal pleasure book and giving it to them, letting them know what turns you on and feels the best to you. This ensures you’ll be feeling the pleasure, as well as making them feel confident in bed.

Say something along the lines of “I want you to pull my hair” or “I like it when you put my legs over your shoulders.” If you’re one for kinky play, tell your partner that you want to be handcuffed with the Lust Bondage Wrist Cuffs. Whatever it is that you like, they won’t  know unless you tell them.

Ask them what they want.

Sex is a two-way street, of course. You can’t expect all of the focus to be on you, so it’s important to ask your partner what they like. Ask them what they like before you have sex to find out if they have a roleplaying fantasy or want to incorporate a toy sometime. Give the Dual Clit Flicker Cock Ring a try for a toy that feels good to both of you.

Maybe he wants to see you in sexy lingerie, so why not surprise him with the Push Up Lace Cut-Out Teddy? You’ll feel like a goddess as you watch his jaw drop at the sight of you. During sex, look your partner in the eyes and ask, “What do you want me to do to you?” Their pleasure might come from giving you pleasure, so ask them “What do you want to do to me?” for dirty talk that benefits both of you.

Be descriptive.

While we can’t be super descriptive about how to talk dirty in bed, you definitely can. The dirtier the better, in our opinion. Using multi-sensory words is sure to get your partner’s heart racing. Saying things along the lines of “You feel so good inside of me” or “You’re so sexy” are just some of the options. It’s the best way to let your partner know that they’re doing all the right things and you’re feeling good.

When telling them what you’re going to do to them, don’t hold back either. If you’re about to go on top, let him know how good he’s going to feel as you bounce up and down on him. If you’re going down on her, let her know how good she tastes. Nobody likes bland, so don’t be with your dirty talk.

If you weren’t sure how to talk dirty in bed before, our tips will definitely get the ball rolling for you. As intimidating as talking dirty may be, just have fun with it and remember to really hone in on both of your pleasures. As long as you’re communicating with your partner about what feels good to both of you and what you both want, sex will never be boring.

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