How to Throw a Bachelorette Party: 6 Fun Ideas

How to Throw a Bachelorette Party: 6 Fun Ideas
POSTED ON July 19, 2017

You’ve had the engagement party and the bridal shower – now it’s time to get a little crazy and go all out for bachelorette festivities. You might be wondering how to throw a bachelorette party that no one will forget (no matter how much alcohol is involved!). Well, look no further: We’ve got 6 tips to help you, your girlfriends, and the bride-to-be have the wildly fun bachelorette party you’ve been fantasizing about since she said “Yes!”

Dirty Dancing

No, we’re not talking about the movie – although, young Patrick Swayze would make for a great striptease. Sign yourself and the ladies up for a pole dancing class! While most of the time will be spent laughing and being silly, a few of you might discover a sexy hidden talent you never knew you had. Pole dancing classes are a great way to tap into your sensual, goddess side while also having a fun and carefree experience with your friends. Make it even more authentic by adding a feather boa, or try it at home with Lover’s Lane’s selection of Exotic Dancewear.

Playful Presents

This tip for how to throw a bachelorette party allows for one of the few times you can buy your best friend a dildo without it being weird. Grab the bride-to-be, sit her down, place the bachelorette sash over her, and start passing her the gifts. Vibrators, sexy lingerie, penis-shaped candy, nothing is off limits for the bachelorette. And although she may turn red while unwrapping them (really giving meaning to the phrase “blushing bride”), she’ll be thanking you later when she’s on the honeymoon – and so will the groom! Get even more ideas in our collection of Gifts For Her!

Wine Not?

Take a day trip to the closest winery for some delicious drinking all day long. You can take a tour, sip some wine, and chat with your girls while enjoying the beauty of the scenery. Even better, the bride-to-be can pick her favorite wines and the other ladies can chip in on a few as gifts for her – or dazzle her even more with sexy gifts of bridal lingerie!

One day isn’t long enough? Make it a weekend getaway! Find a cute bed and breakfast or a hotel with a pool and stay the weekend for the ultimate wine and relaxation experience.

Take on the Town

What better excuse to buy a new dress, get dolled up, and hit the local bars for a night of dining, drinking, and dancing? This is the classic option for how to throw a bachelorette party, giving you and your girls a night to relish in the final moments of the bachelorette’s singlehood. Adorned in her bride-to-be sash and sparkling tiara, your gorgeous group will surely be getting free drinks all night, as well. Best of all, Lover’s Lane has all the bachelorette party supplies you’ll need in one handy location!

Baking Babes

For the ladies who want a more low-key and tame night, staying in to bake some delicious desserts is always an option for how to throw a bachelorette party! Go all out with fun food and drink items, including edible decorations, colorful frosting choices, and cutters in curiously erotic shapes. You’ll share some laughs when the penis-shaped cookies come out of the oven, or even more so when they come out completely distorted and more squash-like than phallic. Either way, the baking options are endless and everyone will love the sweets.

Game On

Let your competitive sides out with some sexy games that have prizes for the winners. Two of our favorite ideas for how to throw a bachelorette party are to include games like a bachelorette scavenger hunt or “Pin the Junk on the Hunk,” a sexy version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Personalize the fun with Pin The Pistol On The Cowboy or Pin The Hose On The Fireman! For the scavenger hunt, have the girls team up and take on the list of to-dos. The winners for each game will receive a prize of some sort, like bottles of champagne, gift cards, or even something a little more risqué.

Whether the bride-to-be is a bit reserved or one to let loose, how to throw a bachelorette party is made simple with these tips in mind. The bachelorette is just happy to have her best friends around, but it’s your time to show her one last night of the single life before she says “I do” forever. Grab your girlfriends, plan the party, and make it a night the bride will never forget – with all the perfect bachelorette party supplies at Lover’s Lane, always available online or at a store near you!