Intimate Fashion as Foreplay

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Foreplay is so, so important for satisfying sex, that we often don’t put much thought into it; it just comes naturally.  The goal of foreplay, basically, is getting us as aroused as possible, and arousal is largely a visual transaction, so it helps if we have something really nice to look at!  According to science, essentially, sex is gross…evolutionarily necessary, but not exactly desirable, what with the bodily fluids and oddly-shaped sex organs…so we have to really be in the mood to make it happen…and having something pretty to look at makes it easier to get in the mood!  In steps lingerie and intimate apparel to save the day.  Traditionally considered to be in the realm of the female, but there are sexy looks for men that will turn her on way more easily than your favorite holey boxers or tighty-whities, too!  Read on for some fun ways to add intimate fashion to your foreplay routine.  One glance at these bedroom fashion statements and your fingers won’t be the only thing saying “come hither…”  

Sneak Preview

Whether you’re together just relaxing at home or out on the town, wear your slinkiest bra or lingerie on top and your sexiest, laciest panties on the bottom.  Hide them innocuously under your regular clothes, but make sure to make occasional adjustments that will cause little reveals throughout the night that will give your lover a sneak peek at what’s underneath.  Who says a wardrobe malfunction can’t be on purpose?  Slouch your shirt to one side revealing the edge of your sexy, strappy bra cup, or bend over to pick something up giving him a glimpse of your flirty panties, and he’ll be sure to take notice.  Even just letting your pretty bra strap slip and show is a subtle way of hinting at what you’re ready for later…or as soon as he can get those other clothes off of you!  

Lingerie as Outerwear

Who says you have to reserve your sexiest garments for inside the house only? Wearing clothes typically considered to be lingerie as outerwear is trending among celebrities, and you can absolutely pull off this look, too!  You will exude confidence in a slinky dress that looks just as appropriate at a cocktail party as it does in the bedroom.  Who says your go-to LBD shouldn’t come from Lover’s Lane?  Corsets aren’t just for Renaissance Festivals, either…pair a hot lacy or sparkly one with jeans for a classic, sexy appeal that works for day or night.  Or, pair a not-too-naughty teddy or a cute but covered chemise with dress slacks or colored jeans and a smart blazer or sexy leather jacket.   All of these looks keep you covered up just enough, but also reveal just enough skin to attract the wandering eye of an admirer or pique the intense interest of your lover…just wait until you get home!        

Do a Little Dance…

Make a little love…  You know how it goes!  Starting your evening with a sexy striptease is a surefire way to kick off a steamy night of pleasure in the bedroom.  Wear your sexiest lingerie underneath…the more pieces to it, the better.  A breast-baring peek-a-boo chemise with pasties would add an extra layer of fun and intrigue.  Put some regular clothes on over all that glam, and set the stage for sexy-time!  Bonus points if you can choose a button-down top, a zipped dress, etc…basically anything you can “flirt” as you take it off.  Turn on a sexy jam for your performance, and give your lover the show of a lifetime.  If you have a little more time to play, you can even play a game of Take It Off and challenge each other to a little cunning competition where everyone wins!  Get down tonight!

Role Play Rendezvous

In some ways, we never outgrow wanting to play dress-up!  Role-playing fetishes, fantasies or sexy scenarios is a common foreplay technique for many couples.  Adding intimate apparel, such as role play costumes, accessories, and props makes it even more fun and realistic.  This is a great way to get the guys more involved, too…there are costumes just for them, and lots of fantasy scenarios for them to shine as the hunky firefighter, brave officer, sexy poolboy, or indiscrete boss man.  Don’t forget all the classic role-play costumes for women, too, and the many scenarios they can be used in.  You’ll never get bored when she can draw your sexual interest as a naughty French maid, schoolgirl, and hot cop all in one week!  Shopping this time of year gives you even more possibilities when you factor in our many provocative Halloween costume options…who says costumes for grown-ups are only appropriate on October 31st?  Fill up your costume chest with lots of fun options, and set the scene for sexy foreplay fun in the bedroom all year long!        

A Sultry Surprise

This strategy makes the most impact as a foreplay technique if you’ve never been much of a “lingerie person” before.  If you barely even own any intimate apparel, and one night you surprise your lover decked out head-to-toe in it, you will absolutely blow his mind!  Shop in secret and break it out some evening you want to make sex really special.  Start with a lingerie set that makes you feel confident and sexy.  Babydolls are a good place to start, and they are flattering on many figures.  A crotchless number with garter straps would be a welcome invitation for lovemaking, as well.  Don’t forget to add gorgeous thigh high stockings, and even some special shoes…even if you won’t be leaving the bedroom.  High-heeled shoes really do elongate your legs and help give you that sexy silhouette, and a sexual confidence boost as a bonus…there’s a reason they’re often called “F*ck Me Heels”!  Dress in private, ideally while he’s distracted or in another room, get into your best “Paint me like one of your French girls” pose, and then beckon your lover into the room for the big surprise reveal, and the start to a very spicy night!        

Whether you’ll be purchasing your first piece of intimate fashion or your fiftieth, the Romance SpecialistsSM at Lover’s Lane stores can talk with you and help you find exactly what you’re looking for to make your next sexy night in a very special occasion.  Even though our fitting rooms are closed due to Covid-19, they can even chat with you and help you find the perfect fit and something you’re sure to feel sexy in!  With Sweetest Day coming up on October 17th, it’s a perfect time to let your lover “be the candy” and get them something sweet to wear as a surprise gift, or go shopping together so you can pick out things you both love for each other!  Keep an eye on our email blasts for upcoming promotions that can make it even more affordable to fill your lingerie drawer, and get ready for some very fashionable foreplay for you and your partner!    

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