Kitty Care: Taking Care of Your Vagina

Kitty Care: Taking Care of Your Vagina
POSTED ON August 8, 2018

While the after hour events of the bedroom may be the main attraction, it's important to spend time behind the scenes and rejuvenate.


Everyone likes to feel clean. It's those first couple moments when you step out of the shower (or bath) and feel like a brand new person that's absolutely amazing. We know your arsenal of soaps, shampoos, gels, scrubs, and everything else get the job done but here are a couple powerful tools you should consider picking up. First is the Coochy Shave Cream - Floral Haze which enchants you into a whirlwind of aromas while you deal with any unwanted hair. The Coochy Shave Cream - Dark Angel is just as perfect for the job as its Floral Haze relative if not better.

While the above creams are top-notch quality, they're not miracle creams so you may need something else to fill in those small holes that are left, like pores. Guess what, the Coochy After Shave Protection Mist does exactly that and protects your skin from irritation. If you're looking for something to make the shower smell a little better, whether you're with your partner or not the Frosted Cherry Bath & Shower Gel  from Shunga is a solid choice. Maybe you're looking for something along the lines of pheromones, if that's the case try out the Kissable Passion Bubbles. If not, try something else.

Other Essentials

There's a couple products that'll enhance your overall sexual experience but don't really fall into the same category so we thought we'd just group them here. First is the Embrace Vaginal Tightening Gel which is made to keep you moist and tight, not just one or the other. The female Tightening & Rejuvenation Gel is another top notch tightener for you to try.

If you want more clitoral stimulation, try out the Intense Clitoral Gel from Intimate Earth or the Cherry Knockout Clitoral Arousal Gel. But you don't just have to listen to us, check out their reviews!

Add a little spice into your life and adventure into uncharted territory with the Suction Handcuffs. They're made to make sex in the shower, hot tub, or elsewhere unbelievably erotic. Your vagina will definitely thank you with our next recommendation, the wonderful versatile invention that is lube. Whether it's silicone, water based, or a hybrid, lube helps everybody have a better time, especially since it comes in different flavors as well as warming for some intimate temperature play.

Panties & Vibes

Time to talk about a vagina's best friend, panties and vibes. Both of these are HUGE categories so we thought we'd just slim it down to a couple quality suggestions. First is the Bcute Classic Vibrator because nothing beats the classics 😉 this mini vibe will pull you into a world of pure pleasure with its versatile multi-speed motor. Along the same lines is the Bdesired Deluxe Vibrator. This titlating vibe has a wavy body with a round tip so it can give you all the pleasure you want.

Boy shorts can be quite seductive, especially when they're paired with some pasties and nothing else. That's why we recommend the Hit This Panty, but also because it have a saucy message splayed right across your rear. If you want something a bit more traditional then go for the Keyhole and Bow Gartered Panty.

Spend some more time on you, because you're the only you, you're ever going to get.


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