Look Good & Feel Good: Beauty Across the Board

Look Good & Feel Good: Beauty Across the Board
POSTED ON July 12, 2018

2018 has so far been an incredible year for popular movements like #TimesUp, #MeToo, and the Women's March back in January. We hope it keeps getting better so we're going to do our part, no matter how small, and help promote a healthy and positive body image.


Social activism and feminism is nothing new, but their time in the public spotlight is. It was just last year that phrase "Me too" became popularized by actress and activist Alyssa Milano despite its origin in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke. Since then, it's been supported by other celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, and many others.

This is especially significant for modern fashion. A lot of the trends are shifting away from the male aesthetic and towards favoring the female form, but not just the "ideal" hourglass we're talking the real form whether that's plus-sized or the average waist a couple inches away from the "ideal." The reality of this shift is important because there's a vast array of body types that are beautiful and not everyone wants a significant other with the "ideal" figure, as Meghan Trainor says: "Yeah, my momma told me don't worry about your size. She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night." Look at Lady Liberty, she's a big woman that people have adored and looked up to for almost 140 years.

But looking good doesn't amount to much if you don't feel good. You should feel comfortable in your skin and like the way you look in the mirror. With all this is in mind, you dear reader, and everyone else should always be healthy or striving to be healthy, and you know what's not healthy? Body shaming, wishing you looked different because society tells you, you should. Here at Intimacy Advisor we want you to feel especially good whether you're by yourself or with that special someone. So here are some of our top picks that'll help you get there.


Any sort of vibrator or dildo is a solid choice because they can be used by yourself or with a partner. Wands are a safe choice because they're for external stimulation so you and/or your lover can experience a whole new world of exciting pleasure. If you're looking for something more budget friendly check out the Glow in the Dark Mini Wand Massager or the Aria Vibra Wand Fuchsia. If you have a little extra cash we recommend the Diamond Wand Vibrator, when you turn it on, it'll do the same for you and so much more 😉

If vibrations aren't your thing, then we recommend checking out some dildos especially the Ultraskyn Realistic 8-inch Nude or the Colours Silicone Dong that got 5 out of 5 on 5 different reviews. Our entire collection has numerous different styles, shapes, lengths, and materials. Chances are you're bound to find the right one for you so why not take a quick peek? They're only one click away.

Massage oils

As you know, massages are an amazing way to feel better and increase intimacy between you and your lover. Not to mention they're a great way to moisturize your skin leaving it soft and ready for the next sensual adventure. But we want only the best of the best for you so here's what we recommend.

In general, Shunga is amazing with all of their massage oils standing above a lot of others. The Exotic Fruits and Kissable Almond are especially delightful. However, they have other products such as vanilla, lavender, monoi, strawberry, and green tea. Some other choices outside the Shunga umbrella are the Intimate Earth collection or the Hemp Seed oils.


A part of feeling great is having confidence in yourself, and a way to build confidence is to feel sexy. One way to do this is by using/wearing pheromones--a chemical substance that serves to influence the behavior of the same species. There's specific pheromones that attract men and women. For example Eye of Love has the After Dark scent to attract men and Pure Instinct has the Pheromone Infused Cologne to attract women. There's also Simply Sexy with their love line that offers a magnetism that feels almost like magic.


Another way to make sure you feel good is to have lube on hand during those intimate encounters. Lube can take an average night and boost it to an unforgettable night of passion and pleasure. This is especially true of the Cinnamon Bun Lubricant from Wicked or the Natural Silk Lubricant from Sliquid. Or if you were impressed by Shunga and/or Intimate Earth, then you're in luck because they have their own collection of lubes.

Above all the goal is to look good and feel good, so set yourself on the right path towards confidence and happiness.