Lube Isn’t Only For What You Think!

by Former author

January 7, 2022


Many women feel that they don’t need to use lube because they make enough of their own natural lubrication. As a matter of fact, I used to be one of those women. Then some things in my life changed and I started experimenting and trying things I never would have before. Lube was one of those things and I realized there are actually a lot of instances where a little lube can be a lot of fun!  

Everybody loves receiving oral sex. Flavored lube allows you to add some interest and delicious variety to going down, whether you’re a guy or a girl! With brands from System JO to Wicked and Intimate Earth, the flavor possibilities (or combinations!) are truly endless!  

Sometimes you just don’t have a lot of…time. The quickest quickies call for lube because no matter how much your partner turns you on, there will be a day when you only have a few minutes to get down, but not enough time for foreplay.  

When sex lasts a long time or if your partner is well endowed, sex can become a little bit painful, and eventually your natural lubrication will lessen. Silicone lube is great for extended sex sessions because it is thick and does not get absorbed by the body, so it can keep going as long as you do! Just keep in mind it can be a difficult to clean up and can stain fabric. With that being said, it will also hold up in water where natural lubrication, no matter how much you have, will not!

Self love is even more satisfying when you throw some lube in the mix! I think that everyone should have a water-based lube in their nightstand specifically for self-pleasure. Unlike silicone, it wont stain your sheets, you can use it with any type of toy (silicone lube must never be used with silicone toys because it will cause them to deteriorate), and it is easy to wash away from both your toys and yourself! Water-based lube will not stain fabric.  

There are also sensations that only lube can provide! Warming/cooling lubricants offer just that, warming and cooling sensations! They can be quite divine, if you ask me! Imagine warming things up or cooling things down to intensify your pleasure with a partner or on your own! When you allow your body to experience different forms of pleasure, your body will reward you with different forms of orgasms! Trust me.  

Anal sex is definitely an instance where lube is not only recommended, but required! You have no natural lubrication there. Anal lube is designed to be extra cushion-y and last longer so penises or toys can ease in and out of you more comfortably. Anal sex is not for everyone, but if you’re curious about it, pick up some anal lube and an “anal only” toy to try it out on your own before committing to it with a partner!  

So, there you have it. Everyone can use lube because you want to, not only because you have to! And you’ll have a lot of fun trying all the different kinds as well!

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