Make Her Moan: Getting the Most out of Facesitting

Make Her Moan: Getting the Most out of Facesitting
POSTED ON August 9, 2019

This article is about cunnilingus aka oral sex on female genitals, specifically when the female sits on her partner's face. This is also known as queening. So if you want to spice up your sex life, try some face sitting.

Facesitting is great for many many reasons: it focuses on female pleasure, it's empowering, it's a versatile position, it can SPICE up your love life, etc. But it doesn't do enough good just to mention these, so let's talk about them!

Focus on Female Pleasure

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that there's a disparity between male and female pleasure. It generally takes women far longer to get aroused and able to orgasm than men. Yes, you can experience pleasure and have an amazing time without climaxing as that's not the goal of sex, but orgasms are important. Orgasms are important.

Not to slam heterosexual cis men, but more often than not they're the group most ignorant of the clitoris and other techniques/ways of stimulating women. The thing is the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. This is a problem. A solution is to put the female in the driver's seat so she can rub her clit or anus all over her partner's mouth.


Being on top is an empowering feeling, and who doesn't like to feel empowered? Seriously, I've never heard of anyone rejoice because they're disempowered and oppressed. Being in control is a good feeling, inside and outside of the bedroom. While it has improved in recent times, there's not a whole lot of female empowerment in the outside world, so empowering her in the bedroom is definitely a good idea and I highly encourage it.

Incredible Versatility

While it might not seem like it, facesitting is actually quite the versatile position.

Plus you want variety and versatility in your life and especially in the bedroom. Please, for the sake of your relationship, do not just use the same routine again and again and again and again and again time after time after time after time after time after time after time again and again and well, you get the point.

Like cowgirl, you can sit facing forward or backward. You could bind your partners hands and feet if you want to completely dominate them or maybe you put their hands on your breasts for some extra nipple stimulation, and the rest of the breast deserves some love too ya know.

Maybe you want restrained control so you handcuff yourself and then start grinding on them. Maybe you go all the way and turn this into a BDSM dream: bind each ankle/wrist (maybe together, maybe apart), blindfold, cock cage (if they have a penis), if they have a vagina you could insert a vibrator to control their pleasure while they pleasure you, then you insert some anal beads or a plug, then give them a mouth full of pussy with the occasional whipping 😉

If you're into anal-play, then facesitting also works great for giving the butt and anus some tongue love. Just make sure everything's clean and you probably want to invest in some flavored lube if you're going to down there for a while.

What You Need to Know

I'm sure you already know this, but just to bring it to the forefront, do not smother them. Your partner is going to have a mouth full of pussy and your grinding may or may not inhibit the nose from breathing so be wary of how your partner is doing. If their face is turning a purplish, blue-ish color then something's wrong.

I know it's called facesitting but try not to actually sit on their face. You can have one knee on either side of their face then squat down. Pillows are also great if you want more support/space to rise up and go down.


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