Make Sex More Fun: 7 Simple Ways to Enjoy It Even More

Make Sex More Fun: 7 Simple Ways to Enjoy It Even More
POSTED ON February 14, 2017

Who doesn’t want to make sex more fun? With so many unique toys and fun fetishes to explore, you and your partner can spend hours just romping around the bedroom. Dig into seven of the simplest, yet most seductive ways we’ve found to make sex more fun than ever before – and then some!

1. Give yourself away to fantasy.

Fantasies are an extremely powerful way to explore the vast erotic terrain of what arouses you beyond the ordinary. But fantasies don’t have to stay in your head – even if you don’t want to actually act them out. Fantasizing about a threesome, for example, can be so much fun, but that doesn’t mean you would ever actually bring another person into the bedroom. That being said, talking about these fantasies with your partner can be super hot in and of itself, as well as a way to test the waters of their receptivity!

2. Don’t get lazy when it comes to new positions.

Couples who have been together a long time know what they like, but the flip side of that is that they might also be afraid to switch up something that has been proven to work. And when it comes to sex positions, nothing could be closer to the truth. A simple way, then, to make sex more fun is to actually attempt a variety of sex positions. Find some inspiration with some of our favorite sex positions: based on mood, from behind, and incredibly intimate!

3. Play like Grey.

We’ve gone over how to make sex more fun when you play like Grey many times, including how to use nipple clamps and how to spank, to name just a few! But when it comes to submission and domination, there’s seemingly always a new or different angle to explore that’s unique to each couple (except, we suppose, for the extremely experienced ones). Some of our favorite new fetish toys include Ana’s Trilogy Play Kit and the 4-Foot Strap-Ease Bondage Straps – how will you and your lover decide to play?

4. Never fake it.

This is less of a way to make sex more fun, necessarily, but more of a way to keep sex true – and it’s so important we put it right in the middle! Simply put: don’t fake your orgasms. (Educate yourself further with our guide to female orgasms.) Your partner will never know what you actually like if you fake the pleasure at any point. Instead, let your partner know what feels good, guiding him to the motions and movements that will send you both over the edge!

5. Dress up

You can only really BE who you are – but with your clothes, you can certainly help yourself become someone else for a few hours at a time. Whether you’re acting out a specific roleplaying fantasy (who doesn’t love a good sexy nurse?) or simply pretending to be a different person (wigs do wonders), dressing up gives you the chance to explore fantasies with slightly lowered inhibitions.

6. Turn it into a game.

Everything's more fun when it’s a game! While there are many actual sex-themed board games you can incorporate to make sex more fun – a few of our favorites include the Spirits Want You to Have Sex! and the Aphrodisia Erotic Couples Game – we also like the Foreplay Time game, and you don’t need anything but your bodies and a way to keep track of time to play!

So what’s the game? It’s simple. Choose a time frame – we like 20 minutes, as it sounds a lot shorter than it actually is – set the timer, and fool around for the entirety. The catch is all you can do is touch and tease; no penetration until the timer is up! Most long-term couples have their foreplay down to a science, so flip the script by paying extra attention to this part of getting busy and you’re sure to make sex more fun!

7. Play the opposite role.

Put a slightly different spin on the lowered inhibitions of dressing the part by upping the erotic when you step into the opposite role. If your partner normally makes the first move, take the reins into your own hands for once and make that move yourself! If you’re not typically bold, it can feel that much more powerful to assert yourself in the bedroom. Sure, it may be a bit nerve wracking at first, but you will quickly learn just how easy it can be to make sex more fun!

Even if you have a good sex life, it can be all too easy to slip into the same comfortable situations. Ignite a fresh spark with some of our ideas for ways to make sex more fun, spontaneous, and like you’ve both just met all over again!

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