Male & Female Orgasms

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


The Female Orgasm

  • While men only have three orgasms available to them, women have 7: clitoral, g-spot, blended, anal, squirting/female ejaculation, nipple, cervical/a-spot.
  • Yes, squirting is real. Also, guys, the cervical/a-spot does not mean slamming your penis into your woman’s cervix. This is NOT a good idea. I repeat, this is NOT a good idea. This is also only for women that like deep penetration. You want to comfortably insert your penis either all the way in or far enough until your partner says you’ve reached her cervix. From there you want to use the tip to gently rub around her cervix/a-spot (the a-spot is right in front of her cervix). Short and small thrusts work well to stimulate it, and you can alternate between going slow and fast, just be sure you’re not stabbing her cervix.
  • I know that’s a paragraph and I promised you something different, so I’ll try and do better about it.
  • The average orgasm lasts about 20 seconds
  • 74% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm
  • 18% of women have never had an orgasm (for a variety of reasons)
  • Orgasms help temporarily relieve the pain and stress of period cramps
  • Women generally have better posture when walking after an orgasm
  • Their back is arched during the big O and this is believed to improve spinal health & form
  • While men are more visually aroused, women are (in general) more emotionally aroused. So remembering what she likes (in and out of the bed), doing extra chores, saying I love you more, a reassuring hug, are all ways of not only being a good human but also might land you more sex.
  • Do not be nice to people just for sex though, that’s bad.
  • Women are more likely to orgasm when they feel emotionally aroused, secure, and loved
  • Feelings of abandonment and insecurity often make it harder/impossible to orgasm
  • Generally women feel more awake after an orgasms
  • About 66% (two thirds) of all women say they regularly fake orgasms and about 82% of women say they’ve done it at least once.
  • Come on guys! It’s really not that difficult, get it together!
  • The most satisfying orgasms generally occur after 30 to 40 minutes of foreplay & intercourse
  • The female body secretes 4x the normal amount of oxytocin, the chemical that promotes bonding, during and after an orgasm.

The Male Orgasm

  • As noted above, men have 3 different orgasms: ejaculatory, prostate, & blended.
  • The average orgasm lasts about 6 seconds
  • The male orgasm stimulates the same area of the brain that heroin does
  • Some argues this makes men more likely to develop a sex addiction than women
  • Men have a refractory period (a time which their sex drive plummets, they do not think about sex, nor can get and/or maintain a full erection)
  • Some men may not have a refractory period following a prostate orgasm
  • Men are more likely and quicker to orgasm when they are visually stimulated
  • Watching someone give them a blowjob, doggystyle position, and just about any girl on top position.
  • Right after an orgasm, the body releases prolactin, the chemical responsible for making your man sleepy, so don’t blame him ladies, blame the prolactin.
  • Also, guys, fight it as much as possible because right after intercourse is when your woman’s body is releasing all the oxytocin, as I said above, so if you want her to feel love, appreciated, and more sexually satisfied, then cuddle her. This topic is so important that we recently wrote a whole article on it.
  • 23% of men fake orgasms
  • This was the ONLY fact that I found interesting, having known everything else. That’s almost one in four men, hmmm. The guys who fake orgasms should get with the girls that fake orgasms because they need to go at it longer than everyone else it seems.

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