Male Masturbation


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Ok guys let’s get right into it. Real men express their sexuality, but know when and how to do so. Real men know how to treat their partner right in all situations and do so. Real men know that masculinity is about standing up for and doing what is right in every situation regardless of whatever everyone and anyone else thinks or says. Real men masturbate. Married men probably do it less, but like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, self-love is important.

Now, you need the right tools for the job. There’s two main paths of male masturbation, noted in the title. You can go the more traditional route with a stroker or expand your horizons and adventure into prostate play. You can combine the two or combine a stroker with more general anal play to enrich your me-time. There’s a couple other areas like cock rings and toy cleaners we’ll touch on as we go. Time to talk about strokers!


These go by many different names so we’re just going to go by the umbrella term. There’s a lot of cheap and flimsy ones which can definitely get the job done, but you might as well lube up your hand (or hands if you’re anything like me) and go at it. Here’s five of the best toys out there:

Apollo Alpha Stroker 1 & 2: Besides the fact that they’re our highest rated strokers, It has a unique design to more aptly replicate sex as well as squeeze pads so you can control where and when you want the pressure and tightness. I also don’t know many other strokers that have 30 different functions. That’s hard to top.

The Cobra Libre 2: (pictured above) Fun Factory is always on top of their game. This is a unique stroker as you don’t need to do any stroking, it does it for you! It can also double as a couples toy. Insert the tip of your penis and then let the toy rest on your stomach. Your partner can then straddle you and be pleasured from the vibrations below. Who doesn’t like a two in one?

The Manta: One of the newer toys from Fun Factory and people cannot get enough. I understand why too. I haven’t seen innovation like this in years! The toy has specially designed pleasure ridges that retain more lube as well. I could talk for a while on this toy, but this is one you simply must try.

The Zolo 360: Zolo is doing their own change up on the traditional stroker to give you 360 degrees of pleasure. Featuring a super soft rotating sleeve with column after column of pleasure beads. This ingenious stroker will give you thrills like never before.


Once you get the hang of it and feel more comfortable pursuing your own pleasure instead of caring what society thinks of you (which doesn’t matter to being with), prostate orgasms have great potential to be powerful than what you’re use to. So here’s some toys to help you get there:

The Duke: For this toy I want to share with you some of the word-for-word reviews left by other people: “Very strong and perfect for a man’s body”, “It’ll have you seeing the face of God in no time”, & “This truly is one of the best prostate toys out there.” Plus this isn’t just a prostate toy. Your partner, male, female, or other, can totally use this vaginally or anally during intercourse for a more explosive orgasm and over the top pleasure! (Duke pictured below next to the Cobre Libre II and two cock rings)

The Nexus Revo Slim: I specifically picked out the Slim for anyone out there hesitant of putting something up. It’s a natural concern considering it’s generally exit only, but prostate play is genuinely for everybody that wants better orgasms, and more of them. Men can have multiple prostate orgasms whereas the shaft is a one and done.

The B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug: The anus is a plethora of nerves and sensitivities just waiting to be used to max out your pleasure potential. This plug takes advantage of those by rimming with rotating beads in its neck. Plus another motor in the tip, whether you use this size or the petite, your butt will be very happy. The petite is great if you’re hesitant about the size of your anal toys, again, super natural.

The Perfect Plug Kit: There’s less prostate potential with this one, but it’s great if you’re easing your way into anal play (which is what EVERYONE should do to start. When it comes to the butt, take it slow to start.) You could still grab one of the above mentioned strokers and couple it with either perfect plug for a dynamic duo unlike ever before!

Cock Rings & Toy Cleaner

Cock rings aren’t really a stand alone toy like a stroker or a Duke, but they’re amazing when in used in combination with a stroker. The Mio is like the top shelf of cock rings, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than this and the thirteen 5 out of 5 reviews say the same thing. If you want more anal play with your cock ring then check out this bad boy. The Night Rider or Mood Ring are also high quality cock rings to keep you harder longer so you can keep play time going! For a super comfortable fit with maximum air flow, there’s the Air Flow Cock Ring.

Now comes the after care. You want your toys to last a long time right? Then I highly recommend cleaning your toys after each use. Intimate Earth has a great toy cleaners and so does Wicked. For any UltraSkyn strokers you should use the UR3 Refresh Power and then hang the sleeve in this antibacterial toy bag so it can air dry. Proper cleaning improves the lifespan of you toy and the quality of your experience when you’re using it.

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