Male Pleasure: Prostate, Pegging, and Plugs

Male Pleasure: Prostate, Pegging, and Plugs
POSTED ON September 14, 2017

It’s no secret that men tend to be pretty vocal when it comes to the topic of sex. Mention anything about their butt, though, and that conversation will end abruptly. If only they knew that the prostate gland could be the golden ticket to male pleasure! Your guy may be hesitant to open up about the topic, so why not educate yourself? We’ve got you covered on all things prostate, pegging, and plugs below.

What is the prostate?

Located in the middle of the pelvis, the prostate gland is responsible for some of the fluid that comes out during ejaculation. Similar to the G-spot, the prostate cannot be touched directly. It can be stimulated in different ways, however, potentially leading to some intense male pleasure. It’s important to note that not everyone will find prostate stimulation pleasing. In fact, men with larger prostates tend to feel pain or discomfort when the gland is stimulated. Others might not feel anything at all, so it’s crucial to understand that it’s different for every guy.

For those that do like it, internal and external play are both options. Stimulation can occur via internal anal play, while massaging the perineum (located between the scrotum and anus) is the external choice. If he wants to try the internal option, try massaging the perineum first. This will relax the anal sphincter, leading to easier and more pleasurable internal play. Anal stimulation or penetration can be achieved by using your finger or anal toys. Keep in mind that lubrication is always helpful, and it’ll make anything anal more comfortable.


For those new to the concept of pegging, it refers to when a woman wears a strap-on dildo in order to anally penetrate her male partner. It’s important the woman’s gear is properly worn in order to maximize male pleasure. The harness should be snug and the dildo should be customized depending on the guy’s desire.

For beginners, a smaller, thinner dildo with a curved design is the best option. Why not give the New Comers Beginner Strap-On Set a try? It’s perfect for those who are new to the world of pegging. If you and your guy are more on the experienced side, try the Fetish Fantasy 8-Inch Hollow Strap-On to achieve the ultimate prostate stimulation. While there’s plenty of male pleasure with pegging, it also gives women the opportunity to take on the dominant role.


Similar to pegging, butt plugs are inserted into the anus. The difference, however, is that they are designed to stay in place. Plugs are a great way to achieve male pleasure without taking away female pleasure, simply because they allow for prostate stimulation without making the woman do all the work. Your guy can have the most intense sensations while simultaneously pleasing you. Butt plugs can be a bit intimidating because of their girth, so it’s important to consider the right size for you and your partner.

For first time plug users, the Icicles #44 Glass Plug is your go-to. The tapered tip allows easy insertion, while the bulb shape stimulates and provides a full feeling. If you’re a veteran of plug play, the B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug is the perfect toy to take it to the next level. Is it the spinning beads in the neck of the toy, the 5 vibration and rotation settings with 6 vibration patterns, or the 6-inch length that makes this plug the ultimate anal toy? You can be the judge when you give it a try!

Anal play isn’t just for female pleasure, guys. To achieve the ultimate male pleasure, take our advice and give your prostate some love. Want more options? Explore even more male pleasure with all the anal toys for men, as well as other toys like strokers and masturbators, cock rings, and boy toys. As always, all things for him and for her are always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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