Sexual Zodiac: March Sex Horoscopes

Sexual Zodiac: March Sex Horoscopes
POSTED ON February 28, 2017

March is upon us and that means another round of the Sexual Zodiac! How will you get lucky this month? Find out what the stars have in store below!

PiscesPisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Happy birthday to all the delightfully dreamy Pisces out there! Pisces is preternaturally sensitive, always in tune to their own emotions, which means they can’t help but feel the flow of good luck all month long.

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AriesAries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

All that Aries ever wants to do is get away from it all, but this month the urge is stronger than ever. The best way for Aries to get lucky is to do what Aries is already prone to do: relax and settle in for a fun ride no matter the ups and downs it may bring.

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TaurusTaurus: April 21 - May 21

If it gratifies the senses, it appeals to fiery Taurus. This month, that appeal will manifest in the form of total submission to one’s desires. If with a partner, they will be extra devoted this month; if single, a seriously good one night stand – something equally salacious!

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GeminiGemini: May 22 - June 21

Often unrestrained, Gemini is in for a torrent of good luck this month in and out of the bedroom! If with a partner, now’s your chance to express exactly how much you want to try a kink you never have before. If single, hit the town – someone out there is awaiting your smile.

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Cancer: June 22 - July 22Cancer

Cancer is always supportive of everyone else’s endeavors, but this month it’s your turn to receive some support. Whether or not you’re with a partner, reach out to the people in your life if you need help this month. Sometimes we have to ask for our own good luck!

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LeoLeo: July 23 - Aug 21

No other sign has quite the powerfully potent personality as Leo, which is often why you attract partners that are as passionate as you are. If you’re with someone, treat them like the royalty they always treat you; if single, keep treating yourself, King/Queen of the Jungle!

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VirgoVirgo: Aug 22 - Sep 23

No matter what, Virgo is known for their meticulous side – but that doesn’t have to translate to boring in the bedroom. If with a partner, luck is on your side, so let your kinkiest side loose; if single, allow yourself to try a toy that might have seemed too kinky before!

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LibraLibra: Sep 24 - Oct 23

As refined as you are passionate, Libra, luck is never too far from your lusty ways. This month it lays low, however; nothing out of the ordinary should happen, but if you’re already in a relationship, you might feel a bit of a plateau sexually. Just ride it out.

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Scorpio: Oct 24 - Nov 22Scorpio

Single or in a couple, you tend to have quite the sizzling sex life, Scorpio – whether or not luck is on your side. This month things will get extra heated; prepare for orgasms that are out of this world and sexual connections like none you’ve felt yet!

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SagittariusSagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22

Sagittarius, you can be a bit of a risk-taker, but this month hold back. Don’t let your big mouth get the better of you. If you’re with someone, stop yourself from picking fights; if single, pay attention to your words. You never know what someone’s appearance could be hiding.

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CapricornCapricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20

The sign most likely to be described as impish, this month is your time to shine, Capricorn. Not usually the luckiest of the signs, this month your relationship will either bring you extreme heat in the bedroom – or, if single, a new face to experience said heat with! 

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Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19Aquarius

Aquarius, if you’ve been longing for spell-bindingly erotic romance, luck is most certainly on your side this month. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, prepare for sexual experiences that may just provide the most intense orgasms of your life.

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