Men's Bedroom Fashion & More

Men's Bedroom Fashion & More
POSTED ON November 20, 2018

Men might not have as many choices for those intimate moments as women do, as lingerie is a massive category, but they still have a good amount of options and that's today's topic. If you're looking for women's fashion though, check out our lingerie guide! Among other options, we'll go over five different kinds of menswear and then dive straight in to cock rings.



Most everybody is pretty familiar with boxers. They look just like shorts except they're usually thinner due to be underwear, and they cover everything in the front and back. You can check out our full collection of boxers here.


Thongs expose the butt a lot more than boxers do. However, they still cover it up more than g-strings and jocks. So if you're looking to show off your booty with a little more upper thigh, but don't want to give too much away, then thongs are definitely the right way to go.


Here's another popular style. Briefs have the front of a thong but backs like boxers. Now, briefs don't cover any of the upper thighs like boxers do, but they do have full cheeky coverage unlike thongs.


If you're looking to show off a lot of skin and let your lover know that you mean business 😉 then g-strings are what you're looking for. They have a pouch in the front to cover up the big surprise, but that's really the only part they cover as the back just has one string between the cheeks which really doesn't hide anything.


The close relative to g-strings is the jock. Now they can have more coverage and material than g-strings, but one of the biggest similarities is the minimal butt coverage with the open back. Instead of the strap going between the cheeks though, it actually goes around both. The Ultra Comfort Microfiber Jock is a great example of this!

So Much More

The choices don't end there. There's still shorts, mini-shorts, trunks, bikinis, etc. Plus a lot of different kinds of menswear has the option to have an open back, like the Clip Tease Moonshine Brief. So you can find whatever style suits you or your man!

Cock Rings

Cock rings are to be worn at the base of the penis to help retain blood in the shaft for a longer and stronger erection. The real question here is what kind do you want? They come as rings, loops, and other shapes. Some of them vibrate by themselves like the Mood Ring Rechargeable Cock Ring and others do so with the help of a bullet as the Charged Owow Vibe Ring does. Then there's also cock rings made specially for couples that enable clitoral stimulation, anal pleasure, or even double penetration. However, there are some really great cock rings that simply keep blood inside the penis like the Super Soft Premium Silicone C-Ring. Whatever you want, the choice is all yours.

Aside from all the bells and whistles, there are some excellent benefits to using cock rings. Longer erections means mainly two things: he gets more confidence ultimately making him better in bed and because of his increase confidence plus staying hard longer. She's far more likely to get more pleasure out of it. Then there's the possibility of more pleasure if you're using a cock ring that is more than just a cock ring.

Stay Hard Lovers 😉

-The Intimacy Advisor